COCOA BEACH, FL — (10-03-19) (Gay News) (Gay Adult News) — Boy next door newcomer Alex Meyer makes his solo debut on the Badpuppy Network.

Just when you thought director Gio Caruso and Executive producer William Pinyon, couldn’t out do “Bruno and Jacob (2019), they introduce big dick boy next door newcomer, Alex Meyer.

Boy Next Door Alex Meyer debuts his Big Dick for Badpuppy

Young 23 year-old Alex Meyer is fairly new to the gay adult film industry as he has performed several online bareback scenes. Now, he goes for the big leagues by performing his first solo for legendary director Gio Caruso on the Badpuppy Network.

Once he arrived at the Badpuppy studios, Caruso found out that Alex has wanted to get into gay porn for a very long time.

Big Dick Alex Meyer Performs for Gio Caruso

Gay News - Gay Porn News - Badpuppy-Alex Meyer Solo Debut

Badpuppy-Alex Meyer Solo Debut

“Alex Meyers begins telling Badpuppy casting agents about a couple he knows that are also his friends. One night when he is visiting these two guys things get a little frisky, they all wind up in bed together where Alex is introduced to his first double penetration. Obviously thinking and talking about the situation gets Alex’s juices flowing and he starts rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts.

Alex slips his shirt off and pulls a huge piece of man-meat out of the top of his shorts. His dick gets rock-hard very quickly and off come his shorts. Alex reaches over, grabs the bottle of lube and after squirting it into his hand he starts rubbing it onto his long, thick cock.

His other hand reaches down and fingers begin probing his ass. Alex rolls over on the bed and bends over pointing his ass to the ceiling. His fingers work in and out of his ass while he continues jacking his huge cock.

Alex knows he’s worked himself into a frenzy and before he loses it Alex lies back on the bed, fingers continue working his hole and he jacks his cock harder and faster. His entire body goes rigid and vocally you can tell that he’s about to blow.

Thick, creamy jizz starts squirting, coating his hand and dripping down the side of his cock. With a most satisfied look, Alex Meyer gives the camera a little smile as it zooms in on his creamy load before fading to black.”

The Badpuppy Network premiered this “MUST SEE” solo scene starring newcomer Alex Meyer on October 1, 2019.

Watch Alex Meyer Debut on the Badpuppy Network

Gay News - Gay Porn News - Alex Meyer Gay NSFW Trailer - Badpuppy Network

Alex Meyer Gay NSFW Trailer – Badpuppy Network

Cast: Alex Meyer

genres: Big Dicks | Boy Next Door | Newcomers | Twinks

Directed by: Gio Caruso

Production co: Badpuppy Productions

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Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: October 1, 2019

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

Copyright © 2019 Badpuppy Enterprises Inc

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