LAS VEGAS — (09-26-19) (Gay Adult News) — 8teenboy and Helix Studios score a hit with exclusives Spencer Locke  and  Trevor Harris starring in, “Pennetration”.  The 18-25 gay twink genre scene is just what the doctor ordered for 8teenboy fans craving for realism, passion and scorching raw action.

Executive producer Keith Miller, producer Casey Roman and director and Helix Studios exclusive superstar Max Carter, deliver a succulent raw gay twink adventure worthy of multiple award nominations at next year’s GayVN and Grabbys Award shows.

Spencer Locke, Trevor Harris are Mouthwatering in 8teenboy’ Pennetration

gay porn - Pennetration - Raw-Gay-Twinks-Trevor Harris-Spencer-Locke-8teenboy

Pennetration – Raw-Gay-Twinks-Trevor Harris-Spencer-Locke-8teenboy

Pennetration - Gay-Twinks-Trevor Harris-Spencer-Locke-8teenboy

Pennetration – Gay-Twinks-Trevor Harris-Spencer-Locke-8teenboy

Pennetration-gay-porn-twinks-Trevor Harris-Spencer Locke-8teenboy

Pennetration-gay-porn-twinks-Trevor Harris-Spencer Locke-8teenboy

“When Spencer Locke comes home from work, hot and horny to find boyfriend Trevor Harris cooking in the kitchen, the penne pasta isn’t the only thing he brings to a boil! He saddles up behind his boy with a stockpile of kisses he’s saved up all day. After a tender taste of tongue, Locke moves from Trevor’s mouth to his meat.

He sucks the colossal cock right there on the kitchen floor as things heat up even more. Harris pulls the pretty boy up by the face, undoes his pants, pulls out his cock, and strokes the big beast before bending him over and making an ass appetizer of his beautiful back door. Trevor strokes his extra-long dong while munching butt; then, he plunges that incredible appendage deep into Locke’s loins.

The cock cam catches Harris’ balls banging Spencer’s smooth, supple seat from every angle while Harris controls hottie by the hips. Locke turns around with his hog raging hand. The pretty pair kiss and stroke one another’s thick dicks before moving to the living room to take things to the next level. Harris slides his thirsty schlong sucker down on Spencer’s thick dick, devours the perfect piece whole.”

Get ready for an explosive raw gay twink adventure starring 8teenboy exclusives Spencer Locke and Trevor Harris in “Pennetration”.

Watch Pennetration Official Gay Porn Trailer

Pennetration - Raw-Gay-porn-trailer-8teenboy

Pennetration – Raw-Gay-porn-trailer-8teenboy

Cast: Spencer Locke  |  Trevor Harris

genres: 18-25 | Bareback | Big Dicks | Blowjobs | Kissing | Power Bottoms

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Directed by: Max Carter

Produced by: Casey Roman

Executive Producer: Keith Miller

Production co: 8teenboy

Distributed by: Helix Studios Direct

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Country: USA

Language: English

Run time: 30 Minutes

Release date: September 21, 2019

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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