NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA — (09-26-19) (Sex Toys) — Curve Toys announces a slate of additions to its popular Jock dildo collection with new colors, sizes and vibrations, and the expansion of its new state-of-the-art custom manufacturing facility.

Based in Mexico, the new facility will be the home of all Jock manufacturing starting October 1. Reps confirmed that the line will continue using high-grade U.S. materials and will be finished with (the same attention to detail and quality standards that Curve customers have come to expect).

To keep up with growing demand, the expansion to a Mexico-based facility allows Curve to continue to offer the same quality products without an increase in price. According to reps, they built the facility (from the ground-up in accordance with the same quality standards that all Curve manufacturing facilities follow).

Curve Toys CEO Patricia Ratner Is Excited To See the Brand Continue to Grow

Curve Toys CEO Patricia Ratner is excited to see the brand continue to grow, enjoying the boost in production the new facility will provide.

“While our competition scrambles to reformulate, Curve has always offered the best quality materials,” said Ratner. “Expanding with our second custom factory will let us make more SKUs while keeping quality high and prices consistent,” she said. “Our team has 35 years’ experience making amazing dildos, and we are proud to continue the tradition in our new facility.” said Ratner.

Curve Toys’ North Hollywood-based production facility will continue with production as normal, while the Mexico-based facility will handle Jock’s growing production demand. They will manufacture future product lines, to be announced in the coming months, in the new facility.

As of October 1, Jock packaging will be revised to reflect the new manufacturing process. Retailers can get ordering information by contacting Curve Toys via EMAIL.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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