TOKYO, JP — (09-23-19) (Gay Adult News) — Japan-based actor, director, producer Axel Abysse, has announced Yoshi Kawasaki starring in director Ivan Sobris, “Krashed”.

The “Krashed” scene made its debut on Friday September 20 exclusively on the Axel Abysse website.

The new scene marks the return of one of Axel’s original fisting mates, Yoshi Kawasaki, who has since gone on to earn a reputation as one of the top gay porn stars from Japan.

Japanese Raunchy Gay Porn Star Yoshi Kawasaki Is Back

The scene was directed by Ivan Sobris, known for his work on Axel’s previous scene “Fluid,” which gained notoriety in the gay fisting community. The name “Krash” is derived from the location of the film, which was shot at the “Krash Bar” in Paris, which is a well-known cruising bar, and provided a perfect venue for the pair’s kinky fun.

Popular Japanese gay porn star is back and raunchy as ever

gay fisting - Yoshi Kawasaki-Krashed-Axel Abysse-zbuckz

Yoshi Kawasaki-Krashed-Axel Abysse-zbuckz

Axel talked about his excitement about his reunion with Yoshi.

“It’s the first time we got to meet after three years. Our first collaboration was in 2016 when I took his fisting virginity,” said Axel Abysse. “We shot ‘To Them We Are Freaks’, a black-and-white sleazy scene that became a classic, according to my fans.

“It was also the first time I asked a cameraman to film my session. It was the first phase of me stepping out of my amateur box and into the porn industry. It was also the first time, directing and editing that piece, that I thought I have a unique style. It’s the video I showed to Buck Angel before he pushed me to take my work professional, and it was my last video before taking the decision to launch my own platform on AxelAbysse.” said Abysse.

With Yoshi’s planned move back to Japan, their reunion in Paris seemed a natural progression towards strengthening the duo’s collaborative bond.

According to Yoshi, “Every time I shoot with Axel, I always have a blast. It’s not work. We both love nothing more than wrecking each other’s holes,” said Yoshi. “On top of that, he is amazing at it! When I’m with him on the set, I let go of all of my tension in my pussy as I can just trust him fully. He is one of the major reasons that I can’t wait to go back to Japan next year!” said Yoshi.

According to Axel, this is the follow-up video his fans have been waiting three years for.

“I couldn’t be more proud of this scene,” said Axel. “It’s really dirty and stinky, and it shows! Once again, I collaborated with videographer Ivan Sobris. Our previous work, ‘Fluid,’ was dark and sensuous. This time, it’s much raunchier, but his touch is here and I particularly like how he films the skin and the body contact, so intimate, so present.” said Axel.

Director Ivan Sobris added that he drew inspiration from both the stars and the location.

gay bdsm Yoshi Kawasaki-Krashed-Axel Abysse-gay-bdsm-zbuckz

Yoshi Kawasaki-Krashed-Axel Abysse-gay-bdsm-zbuckz

“Filming for Axel is always very exciting, but when he told me I’d be filming him with Yoshi, I knew we’d make something stunningly beautiful.” said Sobris. “Yoshi and Axel can both be very dirty and the venue was perfect for them. I’m very proud of what we achieved and I hope people will enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed filming it!” said Sobris.

“Three years ago, Axel was the first to fist Yoshi Kawasaki. Today, they finally meet again in Paris. Holes got looser, punches got faster and stronger. It’s about to get very messy.”

Watch Yoshi Kawasaki in Krashed Gay BDSM Trailer Below

Krashed - gay porn fisting trailer - Axel Abysse Network

Krashed – gay porn fisting trailer – Axel Abysse Network

genres: Fisting | Gay BDSM

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Directed by: Ivan Sobris

Produced by: Axel Abysse

Distributed by: Zbuckz Network

Country: Japan

Release date: September 20, 2019

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Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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