LAS VEGAS, NV — (09-20-19) — (Gay News) — Hip-hop artist Cazwell is back with his new “Duo Ling” music video. featuring gay adult film stars Beaux Banks, Cesar Xes, Fernando Figuero and Rudy Yos.

“Duo Lingo” is the latest single from hip-hop artist Cazwell, and is the follow up release from his summer hit “I Love You”, that has he just released a super spicy video to go with it.

Cazwell taps Beaux Banks, Cesar Xes in “Duo Lingo” MV

Cazwell - Duo Lingo Music Video-Screenshot

Cazwell – Duo Lingo Music Video-Screenshot

Director Brad Hammer who directed Cazwell’ “I Love You” music video, also directed the jaw dropping hip-hop music video of “Duo Lingo”, which was filmed last month at the FuBar in WeHo.

Cazwell told Instinct Magazine’s Michael Cook…”The idea for the song came from when I was using the Duo Lingo app on my iPhone, trying to learn Spanish, and failing miserably, I might add,” said Cazwell. “At the time, Tom Bike and I had been talking about doing a song together. I thought it would be cool if I did my part in English and he did his in Spanish. ‘Duo Lingo’ sounded like a good working title to start with.” said Cazwell.

“I love adding percolating Latin rhythms to my hip pop records because they’re sexy and always get people on the dance floor, ” added Cazwell. “I wish I could speak Spanish,” Cazwell reflects. “I date a lot of Latin men and it would come in handy. It can be a hindrance being white as hell as I am.” concluded Cazwell.

Cazwell released “Duo Lingo” on Wednesday September 18, 2019 and has already garnered over 18,000 views. We are sure to see “Duo Lingo” by Cazwell debut on the LGBTQ Music Chart real soon!

Watch “Duo Lingo” MV by Cazwell below

Artist: Cazwell

Cast: Cesar Xes | Beaux Banks | Fernando Figuero | Rudy Yos | Abel Pirela | Rey Herrera | Alluring Skull | Montague | Jon Silva | King Stephon | Aaron Kodak | Abdul | DJ Pastabody

genres: Hip-Hop

Cazwell: Official Website

Follow Cazwell on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Bookings: Peace Bisquit Productions & Management

Directed by: Brad Hammer

Director of Photography Abiel Hernandez

Production manager: Nicholas Monaco

Stylist: Kiki Xtravaganza

Release date: September 17, 2019

Copyright © 2019 Cazwell Music

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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