TORONTO, CANADA — (09-19-19) (Movie Trailers) — We can now bring you the official trailer or 3022, an upcoming Sci-Fi thriller that follows a group of astronauts who witness the destruction of Earth from space.

The group of astronauts in the Sci-Fi thriller “3022”, are aboard Pangea, a space station and shepherding point between Earth and Europa One, Jupiter’s third moon and the location of Earth human’s first non-terrestrial colony.

Omar Epps, Kate Walsh, Angus MacFayden Star in 3022

movie trailers - 3022 Sci Fi Movie (2019) Earth Explodes

3022 Sci Fi Movie (2019) Earth Explodes

Returning home from a long deep space mission and realizing you don’t have a home to go to anymore is sure to bring out the scariest things imaginable to the human psyche.

In 3022 that nightmare becomes reality on a global scale as group of astronauts witness the destruction of the planet Earth right before their eyes.

That’s the set up for the Sci-Fi thriller film 3022, a new film from director John Suits that stars Omar Epps, Kate Walsh, Miranda Cosgrove and Angus MacFayden.

“After five long years, the haunting emptiness of deep space begins to take a toll on the astronauts’ psyche, driving the team apart as they become exceedingly pulled to the dark corners of their mind. Suddenly, the once promising crew are deemed mentally unfit to continue their work and must prepare to leave Pangea before they become a danger to the mission, and themselves.

But before they can return home, the crew awaken to find Earth has suffered a cataclysmic extinction level event, leaving four unstable souls the last known survivors of the human race. Now marooned on a dying space station, they must embark on a desperate fight for survival; battling each other, unforeseen threats, and the mind shattering horror of what it means to be the last humans alive.”

So what’s next? Well, a whole lot of existential trauma. After all, how does a human being psychologically process the fact not just their house or something, but the entire Earth is gone. Your home. Your family. Culture. Art. Everything. And now it’s just you, and a few people you maybe don’t even like, floating in space in a metal box with no place to go. It’s a terrifying scenario—one that, hopefully, 3022 explores in an interesting way.”

Kew Media Group and Saban Films have scheduled 3022 to be released on November 22 in theaters and on-demand.

Watch 3022 Official Trailer Starring Omar Epps, Kate Walsh

genres: Sci-Fi

3022: Official Website

Directed by: John Suits

Written by: Ryan Binaco

Cinematography by: Will Stone

Music by: Jimmy LaValle

Produced by: Tara L. Craig

Production co: BondIt Media Capital | Octane Entertainment | Squid Farm Production

Distributed by: Kew Media Group | Saban Films

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: November 22, 2019

Copyright © 2019 Squid Farm Production | Kew Media Group

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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