SARAJEVO, BOSNIA – (09-10-19) – Bosnian’s made history with their first Pride Parade that drew several thousand people last Sunday.

Earlier on Sunday, several hundred anti-LGBTQ activists held a peaceful meeting and march, carrying placards condemning homosexuality.

Under huge police protection that included anti-sniper units, Bosnian LGBTQ citizens were able to enjoy their first Pride parade without any violence taking place from groups such as conservative Muslim groups who announced that they would organized counter-rallies to protest the first ever LGBTQ pride parade.

Bosnia Makes History with their First LGBTQ PRIDE Parade

Religious communities in Bosnia condemned the LGBTQ Pride parade but advised their followers to not resort to violence to show their opposition to the first ever pride parade in the country.

Even though there was an aggressive hate speech campaign held online by anti-gay groups the LGBTQ pride parade in the capital Sarajevo ended peacefully.

“We, LGBTQ persons, fight every day for our existence, identity and love,” said Bosnian LGBTQ activist Branko Culibrk.

Homophobia and discrimination in Bosnia is often fueled by religious leaders and right-wing political parties in the Balkans.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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