LOS ANGELES, CA — (09-01-19) — Brace yourself as Dragon Media streets “Joe Gage’s Favorite B D D: Big Dick Daddies” on DVD, digital download and On Demand.  That’s right, over 3 hours of delicious size queen favorites delivering hardcore action worthy of being a collector’s item.

Dragon Media confirmed to JRL CHARTS that this 3 Hour+ gay hardcore extravaganza is sure to resonate with with Joe Gage fans worldwide!

Check out the lineup featuring in “Joe Gage’s Favorite BDD: Big Dick Daddies”; Tommy Deluca, Rocco Steele, Allen Silver, Brett CoxBryan SlaterDavid Chase and Erik Rickhard.

Plus Joe Gage delivers gay porn stars Hans Berlin, Hugo Diaz, Ian Levine, Mike DeMarko, Mike Tanner, Myles Landon, Rich Kelly, Tony Bay and the iconic Trevor Knight.

Dragon Media Ships Joe Gage’s Favorite Big Dick Daddies

Joe Gage's Favorite Big Dick Daddies-Erik Rickhard-Ian Levine-Myles Landon

Joe Gage’s Favorite Big Dick Daddies-Erik Rickhard-Ian Levine-Myles Landon

Joe Gage's Favorite-BDD-Big-Dick-Daddies-Bryan-Slater-Rocco-Steele-Dragon-Media

Joe Gage’s Favorite-BDD-Big-Dick-Daddies-Bryan-Slater-Rocco-Steele-Dragon-Media

“Joe Gage knows dicks! Long ones, fat ones, cut and uncut ones… but most of all BIG ONES! Especially throbbing hard cocks with heavy balls ready to explode with gallons of gushing, thick CUM! So here are his hottest BIG DICK Daddies: hot, horny and ready to fill the mouths and assholes of nasty studs who can’t get enough cock! So if you want a DVD with over three hours of wall to wall jizz, let Joe show you these BIG DICK DADDIES that he found just for you to enjoy!”

European based adult boutiques can contact Vimpex Gay Media to see when they will be stocking not only “Joe Gage’s Favorite BDD Big Dick Daddies” but also Rocco Steele’s Dad Goes to Prison and Rocco Steele’s Dad’s Bareback Barbershop on DVD.

Watch Joe Gage’s Favorite BDD Big Dick Daddies Gay Porn Trailer Below

Joe Gage's Favorite-BDD-Big-Dick-Daddies-Gay-Porn-Movie-Trailer

Joe Gage’s Favorite-BDD-Big-Dick-Daddies-Gay-Porn-Movie-Trailer

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Joe Gage's Favorite-BDD-Big-Dick-Daddies-DVD-Dragon-Media

Joe Gage’s Favorite-BDD-Big-Dick-Daddies-DVD-Dragon-Media

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Directed by: Joe Gage

Production co: Dragon Media

Distributed by: Dragon Media (USA)

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: August 23, 2019

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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