LAS VEGAS, NV — (08-29-19) (Gay Music News) — Troye Sivan slams reporter Matt Fistonich of Auckland’s Express Magazine for asking what is his favorite sex position.

After the new Zealand-based journalist Fistonich concluded the interview with Troye Sivan, he asked the openly gay pop star what his preferred sexual position is during sex.

To Troye Sivan’s surprise, the question appeared in the article. The article, which is in the September issue of Auckland’s Express magazine, features rapid-fire questions in which the pop star gets candid with his answers on everything from his favorite celebrity crush is to what favorite web-TV series does he enjoy.

Reporter asks Gay Pop Star Troy Sivan if he is a Top or Bottom

Troye Sivan Slams Reporter for asking If he's a Top or Bottom

Troye Sivan Slams Reporter for asking If he’s a Top or Bottom

However the interview to a strange turn when the Express Magazine reporter asked Sivan whether he preferred to be on the giving or receiving end of anal sex.

Sivan replied that at the time of the interview, he replied with, “Ooo … definitely passing!”

On Wednesday, Sivan had had time to digest what he had just experienced and took to twitter to voice his feelings on the subject. What really set him off to discuss the issue on twitter is when a fan retweeted a screenshot of the Express interview and said he’d found the question to be in bad taste.

Review the feedback on Troye Sivan Being asked if He’s a Top or Bottom during Sex

Needless to say fans were quick to respond to Sivan on Twitter:

We reached out to Fistonich and Express’ editor, Oliver Hall, for comment and as of this post, have not received a response but once we do, we will update this story accordingly.

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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