SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — (08-27-19) — After a week of teasing, Swing Entertainment’ X1 debuts their “FLASH” official MV.

Through the “FLASH” dance music video, X1 shows off their mature visuals to attract a larger audience, while at the same time showing off their sexy yet masculine charisma.

The k-pop boy band group is composed of eleven members: Kim Yo-han, Kim Woo-seok, Han Seung-woo, Song Hyeong-jun, Cho Seung-youn, Son Dong-pyo, Lee Han-gyul, Nam Do-hyon, Cha Jun-ho, Kang Min-hee, and Lee Eun-sang.

X1-Flash MV-Swing-Entertainment-Stone-Music

X1-Flash MV-Swing-Entertainment-Stone-Music

The group is under contract with Swing Entertainment and is co-managed by Stone Music Entertainment.

Swing Entertainment has confirmed that X1 will release its first mini album entitled ‘Emergency: QUANTUM LEAP’, in conjunction with the premier of “FLASH” on August 27th on digital download.

Plus don’t forget to check out X1 in their debut reality program on Mnet entitled ‘X1 FLASH’, premiering on Thursday, August 29th at 8 pm.

Watch the premier of X1 “FLASH” Official MV

Artists: X1

genres: K-Pop | Pop Music

Directed by: Rigend Film

Management: Stone Entertainment

Record Label: Swing Entertainment

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean | English

Release date: August 27, 2019

Copyright © 2019 Swing Entertainment

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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