WASHINGTON D.C. — (08-19-19) — The nation’s largest collective of LGBTQ conservatives known as Log Cabin Republicans, officially endorses the reelection of President Donald J. Trump.

The announcement followed the organization’s board of directors meeting, reversing their 2016 decision not to endorse Donald Trump for president.

The Log Cabin Republican say that president Trump has advanced LGBTQ rights and helped the GOP move past “culture wars” during his tenure in office.

In a Washington Post Op-Ed published last Thursday by Robert Kabel, chairman of the Log Cabin Republicans, and Jill Homan, its vice president, put in print that “for LGBTQ Republicans, watching the 2016 GOP convention before Donald Trump was like a dream fulfilled” and marked the beginning of Trump removing gay rights “as a wedge issue from the old Republican handbook” and “taking bold actions that benefit the LGBTQ community.”

Log Cabin Republicans Say Trump Is Committed to Ending HIV/AIDS in 10 Years

The Log Cabin members say that Trump’s commitment to end HIV/AIDS in 10 years was a major statement. Even though no one can remember one time when he has mentioned HIV/AIDS since he has been in office.

The also mentioned the highly hated by the German people, openly gay Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, who has made it a habit of insulting the government and people of Germany.

However Richard Grenell is also at the forefront in encouraging other nations to end the criminalization of homosexuality.

They also received mixed signals from reporters, supporters and members of the LGBTQ community when they they said they are proud of Trump’s policies which include….playing gangster with our allies and friends with dictators. Plus his tax cuts which resulted for the middle class, an extra $19.07 a week ($1000 a year). Not to mention his trade deals that Log Cabin Republicans say, have helped gay Americans.

While they endorse the president for reelection, they did stress that they did not agree with all of the president’s actions, including the transgender military ban.

“We are committed to letting all qualified Americans serve in the military,” wrote Robert Kabel and Jill Homan in their Washington Post Op-Ed last Thursday. “We oppose the transgender service restriction and will continue to press the administration to reconsider.”

We have attempted to get comment from former president of the Log Cabin Republicans, Gregory T. Angelo, who is known to be critical of Trump’s policies against the LGBTQ community.

Three years ago Angelo blasted Trump’s election platform by calling it “the most anti-LGBT platform in the party’s 162-year history.”

“Opposition to marriage equality, nonsense about bathrooms, an endorsement of the debunked psychological practice of ‘pray the gay away’ — it’s all in there,” he wrote at the time. “This isn’t my GOP, and I know it’s not yours either.” said Gregory T. Angelo.

Now, the former president of Log Cabin Republicans has had a change of heart as he wrote on twitter last Thursday, he supports the endorsement for the re-election of president Trump by the Log Cabin Republicans board of directors.

Not all members of the Log Cabin Republicans agreed with the decision and we are sure to here more cat fighting in the days, weeks and months to come during the 2020 election cycle.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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