HOLLYWOOD, CA — (08-12-19) — “Beneath the Black Veil” (2019) official horror movie trailer is here, starring Catherine Corcoran, Jessica Lynn Parsons and Suze Lanier-Bramlett.

Written and directed Jason M. Moch, watch his terrifying vision in “Beneath The Black Veil” which is sure to keep people guessing in terror throughout the film.

Catherine Corcoran stars in Beneath The Black Veil

“After losing their child in a horrific accident, Aaron and Genna’s once idyllic life is turned upside down. They begin to question how a loving God could take their little boy from them. Desperate to seek revenge against God, they begin to break each of the ten commandments. But their desire for vengeance will be bittersweet.”—Alyssa Perper

Dire Wit Films, King for A Day and Studio Unknown have yet to announce its release date but as soon as we get word, we will bring it to you.

For now, enjoy the official trailer for horror movie Benath The Black Veil below:

genres: Horror

Written and Directed by: Jason Moch

Director of Cinematography: Christopher James Jordan

Makeup and Special Effects: Crista Llewellyn

Line Producer: Kaleigh Brown

Produced by: Jason M. Koch

Executive Producer: Alyssa Perper

Production co: Dire Wit Films | King for A Day | Studio Unknown

Distributed by: Dire Wit Films

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: TBA

Copyright © 2019 Dire Wit Films

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs

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