SEOUL, KOREA — (08-10-19) — K-Pop boy band SEVENTEEN debuts with 11 Million views with their new “HIT” M/V.  Pledis Entertainment’s  13-member K-Pop boy band has now officially joined the likes of BTS and Big Bang capturing fans worldwide with the “HIT” music video.

The new single by the 13 member act of SEVENTEEN, is a certifiable crossover, mainstream-pop hit that is sure to capture the attention of American LGBTQ fans.

“HIT” by SEVENTEEN debuts with 11 Million Views

The digital single’s title track, “HIT,” brings pop music fans a dynamic EDM genre dance track. Like the title, SEVENTEEN’s explosive energy, vocals and drop dead gorgeous looks is why “HIT” is an instant hit for Pedis Entertainment.

Watch “HIT” by SEVENTEEN and Pledis Entertainment and then, purchase your tickets for SEVENTEEN’s upcoming show at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles on August 18, 2019.


genres: K-pop | Electronic Pop

Album: HIT

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Record Label: Pledis Entertainment

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