BRIGHTON, AU — (08-03-19) — Odin Eye Entertainment has released ‘The Furies’ official horror movie trailer starring Airlie Dodds, Linda Ngo and Taylor Ferguson.

8 women, 8 killers! The most gory fucking movie of 2019 is upon us with ‘The Furies” from director Tony D’Aquino who also wrote the screenplay for the big budget film.

The Furies Is A Contender for the Goriest Horror Movie of 2019

The Furies (2019) - Horror Movie - Odin Eye Entertainment

The Furies (2019) – Horror Movie – Odin Eye Entertainment

“Rebellious high school students Kayla and her best friend are abducted and dumped in the middle of nowhere. Together with five other women, they are unwilling participants in a deadly. A game that can only have one winner, what will each girl do to survive?”

The look and feel of ‘The Furies’ is inspired by horror films of the ‘70s and the goal of director Tony D’Aquino was to do everything practical and camera without the need for CGI in gory scenes. A’quino said…”I want the violence to be messy and visceral!”

The film’s title is based on the goddesses in Greek mythology “who exacts vengeance on men who have wronged women.”

Truly a horror movie genre fan’s dream film!

Odin Entertainment is scheduled ‘The Furies’ to be released in theaters on November 7, 2019 in Australia and United States.

The Furies – 8 Women, 8 Killers – Who will Survive?

Genres: Action | Thriller

Directed by: Tony D’Aquino

Cinematography by: Kirsten Axelholm | Kenneth Lampl

Written by: Tony D’Anquino

The Furies (2019) Horror Movie Poster-Odin-Eye-Entertainment

The Furies (2019) Horror Movie Poster-Odin-Eye-Entertainment

Film Editing by: Garry Richards

Produced by: Andy Marriott | Lisa Shaunessy

Executive Producers: Phil Hunt | Andrew Marriott | Compton Ross

Production co: Odin’s Eye Entertainment | Head Gear Films

Budget: AUD 7,600,000 (estimated)

Distributed by: Odin Eye Entertainment

Country: Australia

Language: English

Release date: November 7, 2019

Copyright © 2019 Odin Eye Entertainment

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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