WARSZAWA, POLAND — (08-01-19) — A Poland District court bans right-wing magazine Gazeta Polska, from selling “LGBT-Free Zone stickers”.

LGBTQ activists groups like Human Rights Watch praised the decision as a “welcome relief”, as Poland continues to see a rise in hostile anti-LGBTQ rhetoric.

Right wing magazine Gazeta Polska drew outrage earlier this month when it announced its decision to sell “Strefa Wolna od LGBT”, translated as “LGBT-Free Zone” Stickers.

LGBTQ rights activists praise Poland Court for Banning LGBT-Free Zone Stickers

The magazine continued with their defiance of the court by tweeting the promotion of the stickers even after the court had made its ruling. When confronted by the press on continuing their promotion of the anti-LGBT stickers on their twitter page, the publishers say that they can still find the court’s ruling.

Gazeta Polska Editor-in-Chief Tomasz Sakiewicz said in a statement that he vows to not to “give in now.” “We were dealing with the largest act of censorship in the history of the Third Polish Republic,” Sakiewicz said in Polish. “… “This is the effect of neo-Marxist ideologists operating under the rainbow flag. We have signals that attacks on sales and attempts to intimidate sellers by political censors are underway.” wrote Sakiewicz.

A lot of the anti-LGBTQ hatred by right wing groups and media outlets in Poland say that they were outraged when Poland held their first-ever Pride parade in conservative Bialystok. While the parade garnered violent counter-protests, the event went on. That was followed by a major pro-LGBTQ protest in the nation’s capitol.

Right wing activists have also been embolden with their anti-LGBTQ campaigns thanks in part to Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party. In fact schools in Poland have new education curriculum guidelines. One in particular is that Polish schools can now openly reinforce discriminatory practices and attitudes towards LGBTQ students and minorities.

“Despite the government’s efforts to curb judicial independence, courts in Poland have been an important backstop against insidious ‘LGBT ideology’ said Human Rights Watch researcher Kyle Knight.

In fact the leaders of the Law and Justice Party parrot many of the talking points we are now finding in Brazil, as many politicians claim openly that LGBTQ individuals are nothing more than pedophiles.

A pro LGBT Twitter campaign in Poland with the hashtag #jestemLGBT, translated means “I am LGBT”, has been launched, and already has generated tens of thousands of positive responses.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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