LOS ANGELES, CA — (07-21-19) — Kristel Penn, Marketing and Editorial Director of Grooby Productions, is a featured guest on a new episode of the Streamate podcast.

Penn talks shop in the latest episode of Streamate’s official podcast, titled ‘Trans Erotica with Kristel Penn’.

Kristel Penn talks Trans Erotica on Streamate Podcast

“I was really honored to be asked to be included in this discussion,” said Penn. “Everyone was very welcoming and brought to the table a unique view on each issue we touched upon. I know I personally learned a lot from everyone and it was honestly just fun to chat with other industry folks about our experiences in and outside of work.” said Penn.

In the podcast, Penn discusses gender identity, how the trans adult industry has evolved during her time in the industry and some of the issues it faces, and the topics like privilege and intersectionality. She also shares her lighthearted story about coming out and some other adventures working at Grooby.

Listen to the Streamate podcast on SoundCloud.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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