LOS ANGELES, CA — (06-26-19) — Powerhouse ManyVids asks their MV stars, ‘What Does Pride Mean to You?

Even though Pride Month is drawing to an end, it doesn’t mean that Pride is over for ManyVids.

ManyVids presents MV Stars video of What Does Pride Mean to You?

“In fact, for ManyVids, Pride is 365 days a year as LGBTQ+ Stars and MV Members are a vital, important, and beautiful component of the MV Community,” said ManyVids in their statement released with the video.

To celebrate, ManyVids reached out to a number of their amazing MV Stars to ask, “What does pride mean to you?”

Their responses are inspiring and insightful. Their answers help capture the love, power, sexuality, and confidence that these incredible performers embody.

Watch ManyVids Celebrate Pride! with ‘What Does Pride Mean to You!

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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