SAN DIEGO, CA — (06-24-19) — Mr. Hankey’s Toys delivers adult retailers and consumers its Lubrication Kit for summer. Michael Mickey of Mr. Hankey’s Toys confirmed to JRL, that the Lubrication Kit has you covered on both ends of the spectrum for retail and personal use, with the best lubricants on the market. You can choose to purchase each item individually or as a kit.

Hankey’s Toys Unleash Lubrication Kit

BREEDr cum lube-Mr.-Hankeys-Toys

BREED’R cum lube-Mr.-Hankeys-Toys

The Hankey’s Toys’ Lubrication Kit includes the fresh new BREED’R Cum Lube, the iconic Elbow Grease Original Cream 15oz jar and the exquisite FistPowder 2.0 2oz powder bottle.

The multi award-winning Hankey’s Toys has formulated their very own BREED’R Cum Lube and, they have hand picked their favorite cream and super slippery lubes to round out the Lubrication Kit for summer.

After careful consideration, Mr. Hankey’s Toys are now offering what they feel are the world’s best three lubricants on the market today.

Retailers, make sure to inform your customers that each item in the Lubrication Kit can be great to use on their own or, they can choose to create a personalized experience by combining two or more products together.

Specifications for Mr. Hankey’s Toys Lubrication Kit

Hankey’s Toys BREED’R Cum Lube 8oz bottle: If you are looking for the world’s best unscented Cum Lube, look no further. Hankey’s Toys water based lube has been formulated to look and feel like real semen. Go ahead, cum inside.

Elbow Grease Original Cream 15 oz. Jar

Elbow Grease Original Cream 15 oz. Jar

Elbow Grease Original Cream 15oz jar: A mineral oil based, thick, cream formula that is smooth and creamy to the touch, coats quickly and allows for a long lasting and friction free experience.

Fistpowder-2.3 oz. - FP Company

Fistpowder-2.3 oz. – FP Company

FistPowder 2.0 2oz bottle (powder): The most slippery and slick lube we have found! Never stringy, easy to clean up and extremely economical.

Each container of FistPowder when mixed at the recommended dose of water will yield twenty six, 16oz. bottles of lube.

This formula contains no preservatives, use any mixed batches within 24 hrs.

Consumers can review the Lubrication Kit exclusively on the Hankey’s Toys Online Superstore.

Adult retailers can get wholesale ordering information on the Lubrication Kit by Clicking Here | EMAIL | Instagram | Reddit | Tumblr | Twitter | YouTube.

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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