HOLLYWOOD, CA — (06-20-19) — Gay pop artist Troye Sivan sat down with Vogue Magazine to 73 Questions. An outstanding interview without all of the staged crap that Hollywood usually portrays to fans.

In 73 Questions with Gay Pop Artist Troye Sivan, he introduces his boyfriend of three years, Jacob.

73 Questions with Troye Sivan-and-boyfriend-Jacob-Vogue-Interview-JRL-CHARTS

73 Questions with Troye Sivan-and-boyfriend-Jacob-Vogue-Interview-JRL-CHARTS

Gay Pop Artist Troye Sivan Opens Up in 73 Questions

“Musician, actor, model and 21st century Renaissance man, Troye Sivan, invites Vogue into his manager’s lush Los Angeles home and answers 73 Questions. Troye talks about what it was like to come out on YouTube, his songwriting process, and if he’ll ever bleach his hair again.”

Vogue uploaded the 73 Questions with Troye Sivan on Thursday June 21, 2019.

Cast: Troye Sivan | Jacob

genres: Pop Music | Electronic Pop

Troye Sivan: Official Website

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Directed by: Joe Sabia

Director of Photography: Jess Dunlap

Produced by: Marina Cukeric

Production Manager: Josh Young

Editing and Color by: Ryan Powell

Post Sound: Bang World

Styling: Sean Knight

Hair: Florido

Makeup: Miriam Nichterlein

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Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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