LOS ANGELES, CA — (06-16-19) — The Try Guys comedian and YouTube star, Eugene Lee Yang, comes out of the closet in  ‘I’m Gay’ M/V.  The deeply personal music video features Electronic duo ODESZA.

Eugene Lee Yang and his fellow members of The Try Guys, became YouTube sensations by regularly uploading hilariously entertaining videos. But they made mainstream media news when on Saturday June 15, released the official ‘I’m Gay’ M/V on YouTube.

Mainstream media outlets including ET Canada, The Hollywood Reporter, Metro UK and Newsweek, covered the coming out music video.

The music video captured over 4.8 million views within the first 12 hours and as of this posting is trending at #2 on YouTube.

Eugene Lee Yang comes out in ‘deeply personal’ I’m Gay Music Video

eugene-lee-yang-I'm Gay-MV

Eugene-Lee-Yang-I’m Gay-MV

Eugene Lee Yang Comes Out in 'I'm Gay' MV

Eugene Lee Yang Comes Out in ‘I’m Gay’ MV

Eugene Lee Yang wrote and directed the ‘I’m Gay’ M/V to come out the way he wanted to be portrayed and it was flawless. Though in the past Yang would never identify as being either straight or gay, he put those questions to rest in the explosive ‘I’m Gay’ M/V.

As Yang navigates through the set of the video, changing into various vibrant outfits, the actor addresses numerous roadblocks that could hinder someone from fully coming out. From a conservative upbringing to judgmental religious encounters, Yang explains why he withheld his truth from the world.

The Try Guys comedian Eugene Lee Yang Ft Beats by Electronic duo ODESZA, Comes Out in ‘I’m Gay’ M/V

Yang tweeted on Saturday about the ‘I’m Gay M/V…”I created this music video as my personal way of coming out as a proud gay man who has many unheard, specific stories to tell,” tweeted Yang.

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