LAS VEGAS, NV — (06-15-19) — Gay adult film superstars Calvin Banks and Ashton Summers kill it in ‘Fuck & Flip’, an Alex Roman gay raw erotica scorcher.

Just when I thought Calvin Banks couldn’t out do his performance in Movie Lovers, he delivers a jaw dropping scorching erotica performance with Ashton Summers that is sure to capture huge praise from gay porn bloggers and his fan base.

The eye of perfection, director Alex Roman, captures the chemistry between Banks and Summers that is sure to generate impressive numbers for the Helix Studios gay porn network.

Fuck & Flip is the Raw jaw dropper starring Calvin Banks & Ashton Summers

Fuck & Flip Calvin-Banks-and-Ashton-Summers-Helix-Studios

Fuck & Flip Calvin-Banks-and-Ashton-Summers-Helix-Studios

Calvin Banks & Ashton Summers - 'Fuck & Flip' - Helix Studios

Calvin Banks & Ashton Summers – ‘Fuck & Flip’ – Helix Studios

“Opposites do WAY more than attract when wild haired Anglo ass assassin, Calvin Banks and clean cut, Latin muscle stud, Ashton Summers combine their porn superpowers in this fire hot, flip fuck!

Horny from Calvin Bank’s first caress, Ashton Summers lays back on the bed beaming with erotic energy, anxious to get his thick cock down the dude’s throat. He reaches down and unbuttons his straining jeans, hinting to Banks to get busy on that bone. Calvin takes the hint, AND Summers’ stiff dick into his hot, man mouth.

He gorges on the guy’s granite hard groin, blowing the boy’s beefy beast balls deep while Summers strips off his tight T-shirt. Naked and horny, Ashton reaches into Banks’ boxer briefs for that firm, fat phallus, which is already pointing directly at his warm, waiting schlong sucker.

The bronze beauty arches his back, shows off that bangin’ body, and gets to work. With his huge hog lodged deep in Summers’ esophagus, Banks reaches forward to finger Ashton’s amazing ass. Our Latin lust god moans with pure pleasure, then backs his booty up against Banks’ butt muncher so the dude can dig deeper.

Watch Calvin Banks & Ashton Summers in Fuck & Flip on Helix Studios

Fuck & Flip - Trailer-Ashton-Summers-and-Calvin Banks-Helix-Studios

Fuck & Flip – Trailer-Ashton-Summers-and-Calvin Banks-Helix-Studios

Cast: Calvin Banks | Ashton Summers

genres: 18-25 | bareback | Big Dicks |  blowjobs | Creampie | Rimming | Twinks

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Directed by: Alex Roman

Screenplay by: Taylor Saracen

Producer: Casey Roman

Executive Producer: Keith Miller

Production co: Helix Studios

Distributed by: Helix Studios Direct

Country: USA

Language: English

Run time: 26 Minutes

Release Date: June 12, 2019

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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