LOS ANGELES, CA — (06-04-19) — Domino Presley’s highly anticipated sophomore release, Domino Presley’s House of Whores: Coven, is now available for pre-order on DVD from Grooby Productions.

The must stock Trans porn production of Domino Presley’s House of Whores: Covin, is set to hit adult store shelves on June 10.

House of Whores: Coven is directed by and stars Domino Presley, alongside Alisia Rae, Ella Hollywood, Jane Marie, Sophia Presley, Nathalie Presley, and Wolf Hudson as the Devil.

Domino Presley’s House of Whores Coven DVD-Grooby-Productions

Domino Presley’s House of Whores Coven DVD-Grooby-Productions

“I am beyond thrilled that my second project with Grooby Productions is right around the corner from being released into the world,” says Presley. “The movie is about a Coven (shocking) of witches who use there whorish behaviors and magick to lure men and young trans girls in so they can sacrifice them to the Dark Lord, Satan himself (played by Wolf Hudson). Coven will feature Grooby’s first ever BBW Threesome scene and Jane Marie’s first ever gangbang. I thought it was very important to showcase BBW trans girls in a movie that’s not strictly BBW-themed so we can show the world that not all trans women are the same size, that big girls are beautiful, and can do exactly the same, if not more than the thin girls.

“The two models I cast, Nathalie Presley and Sophia Presley a.k.a. SHEMEATRESS, are two personal friends of mine and members of The House of Presley,” Presley continued. “Nathalie and I grew up in the Atlanta Gay scene together as well as transitioned together. She and I also have a house together with another roommate in Smyrna, GA, which is kind of where the House of Whores idea originated from. She and I would get bullied by a local drag queen that would taunt us and tell people we were a house of hookers. ‘House of Hookers’ wasn’t creative enough for me so I changed the insult and made it into a Movie series. Sophia and I met through a not so secret facebook group/forum called The Fish Tank. I fell in love with her personality and her confidence and when I noticed she had started making adult films I quickly slid into her DMs and asked her if she would be a part of my series. She recently went viral online for a video clip she made of herself crying when they left the brachiosaurus behind in Jurassic World.”

Domino Presley’s House of Whores: Coven, Streets June 10 on DVD

Coven star Sophia Presley said, “Y’know I’m a little demented; this entire experience was so organic and a lot of fun. Behind the scenes, after, I think the energy leading up to this is still going strong. Just seeing this poster and trailer, it reminds me of how pumped I am to watch myself kill a man after I fuck him. Apart from that, I, the Shemeatress am excited I made my first feature in a DVD, PERIODT!!”

Domino Presley’s House of Whores Coven DVD-Backcover-Grooby-Productions

Domino Presley’s House of Whores Coven DVD-Backcover-Grooby-Productions

“I am extremely excited to be a part of this project and Loved being a part of filming not just because it is my first hardcore scene ever, But also the first TSBBW 3some produces by Grooby as well,” said co-star Nathalie Presley. “I’m so happy to be able to support my best friend Domino in her directing endeavors and to be a part of this series that she is putting together as the director has been such an honor and privilege to be a part of. Domino and I have been friends for over 12 years now even before either of us transitioned and I’m so proud of her work ethic and drive to create quality content and be among the best of the best in this field. So excited for this DVD to be released and for everyone to see what we’ve created for them!”

Domino Presley added, “Obviously being Jane Marie’s manager and her being a huge superstar, I had to get her back in my second movie and it wasn’t too difficult talking her into a gang bang. Honestly, it was kind of her idea. I asked her what she hadn’t done on film yet that could make this scene special and she just responded, ‘I want to get gangbanged by a bunch of guys in masks.’ So being a good manager, I made that happen.”

As the director, Presley took great care in selecting not only her cast of performers but everyone who worked on the project.

“I’m really excited that once again the majority of my behind the scenes team is part of the LGBTQ+ community,” she said. “Buddy Wood and Michael Vegas (who worked as the photographer) were the only cisgender men behind the scenes and I think that changes a lot of how filming goes and how the featured models feel on set. I think the girls also love that I have a big deal trans Instagram influencer, Taryn Forehand a.k.a ThaFlawlessT, doing everyone’s makeup and making them look the most beautiful they’ve ever looked on set. There’s just a different level of confidence and comfort when you’re a Trans girl on set and the people helping you get ready are Trans as well. It’s a sisterhood and we are here to look out for each other and we definitely won’t let one of our sisters go on set looking crazy.”

Domino Presley’s House of Whores Coven movie trailer-Grooby-Productions

Domino Presley’s House of Whores Coven movie trailer-Grooby-Productions

Cast: Domino Presley | Alisia Rae | Ella Hollywood | Jane Marie | Shemeatress | Nathalie Presley

genres: BlowjobsTrans | Tgirls | Sex Toys | Power Bottoms

Follow Grooby: Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter | YouTube

Directed by: Domino Presley

Produced by: Steven Grooby

Country: USA

Language: English

Ship date: June 10, 2019

Street date: June 17, 2019

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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