MANILA — (05-31-19) — Philippines’ president Rodrigo Duterte made headlines yesterday in Japan when he said ‘I used to be gay before I met my wife,  but then I cured myself and became a man again’.

Duterte said those comments during  a visit to Japan yesterday where he made headlines by claiming to be an expert on the question of who is and isn’t gay. In fact the president turned heads on his visit to Japan when he claimed that every priest in the Catholic church was gay.

That statement reminds me of the time he outed himself as being gay as well as claiming that his political opponent Philippines’ Senator Antonio Trillanes’ was also gay.

Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte Claims to Have Cured Himself from being Gay

In his latest gaydar alert, president Duterte accused Philippines’ Senator Antonio Trillanes’ of being gay simply by his body language. “You ask any gay person who sees Trillanes move, they’ll say he’s gay.” said Duterte. “Good thing Trillanes and I are similar– but I cured myself.” said Duterte on Thursday.

Duterte went on to say that he made the decision to “become a man again” after meeting his current wife, before ambiguously adding “So I am gay, I don’t care if I’m gay or not”

While the Philippines’ president’ flamboyant statements have turned heads in the past, we have to remember that this isn’t the first time he has talked about homosexuality.  In 2017, he joked about having considered bisexual so that he could “have fun both ways.”

We will continue to follow crazy Duterte and bring you more of his laughable gaydar predictions. Hopefully one day he can take that gaydar of his and legalize same-sex marriage in the conservative country.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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