MONTREAL, QC — (05-29-19) — Mile High Media begins shipping Grudge Fucks DVD, starring Timarrie Baker, Colby Tucker, Nic Sahara, and Parker Payne. Gay adult performers Timarrie Baker and Colby Tucker capture the DVD cover for the ‘MUST STOCK” Chi Chi LaRue film which also stars Nick Fitt, Johnny V., Jaxx Maxim and West.

Grudge Fucks DVD - Jaxx Maxim-Johnny V-Noir Male-MHM

Grudge Fucks DVD – Jaxx Maxim-Johnny V-Noir Male-MHM

Grudge Fucks DVD - Nic Sahara and West-Noir Male-MHM

Grudge Fucks DVD – Nic Sahara and West-Noir Male-MHM

“After meeting online and quickly moving in together, Timarrie Baker, cannot stand how messy his roommate Colby Tucker is any longer! He finally decides to confront him, asking him to move out. Aggression arises between them and it isn’t long before they are letting their frustrations out on each other. Get ready for the most intense ‘make up sex’ yet, with hardcore cock sucking, intense ass licking and explosive orgasms, leaving things even messier than before!

Then, gorgeous roommate Jaxx Maxim and Johnny V just can’t get along! There is nothing worse than someone hogging the shower when you need it! Get ready for these two studs to reconcile their differences in the hottest shower sex scene yet.”

Grudge Fucks DVD Streets Starring Timarrie Baker, Colby Tucker, Nick Fitt, in a Chi Chi LaRue Film

Mile High Media began shipping Grudge Fuck DVD on May 29, while Vimpex Gay Media is now distributing the Grudge Fuck DVD extravaganza throughout Europe.

Grudge Fuck DVD - Gay-porn-trailer-Noir Male-MHM

Cast: Timarrie Baker | Colby Tucker | Nic Sahara | Parker Payne | Johnny V.

genres:  Anal | Big Dicks | Ebony | BlowJobs | Interracial

Grudge Fuck DVD - Noir Male-MHM

Grudge Fuck DVD – Noir Male-MHM

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Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue

Produced by: Jon Blitt

Production co: Noir Male Studios

Distributed by: Mile High Media (Canada) (USA)

Distributed by: Vimpex Gay Media (International)

UPC: 1-269421 0612-6

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: May 29, 2019

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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