VAN NUYS, CA — (05-21-19) — US Arcades and NMG Management have closed a deal on a new partnership, allowing content from 25 studios represented by NMG to be available in US Arcades locations nationwide.

Gay adult film studio partners from NMG Management to be featured include Jake Cruise, Man Royale, Mormon Boyz and Dog Fart Gay. This is in addition to straight content from Viv Thomas, TransErotica and Naughty America to name a few.

NMG Management represents a multitude of front-running straight adult film studios, helping clients identify custom-tailored opportunities for brand exposure and additional streams of revenue. Their adult film studios join the growing list of existing US Arcades content adult film producers, some of which include Devil’s Films, Gamma Entertainment, and Vixen Media Group.

“NMG’s primary objectives for studio clients aim to secure fresh and creative channels for growth, including brand visibility and additional revenue,” said Megan Stokes of NMG. “US Arcades has provided a window of opportunity that achieves those targets effectively, while maximizing existing studio content. This partnership is fully aligned with our goals, and we are excited to see its potential come to life.” said Stokes.

US Arcades Strike Adult Content Deal with NMG Management

US Arcades showcases films from some of the adult industry’s most reputable studios, appealing to a growing number of adult arcade-goers. The updated video platform has also rolled out a Live Cam channel, allowing viewers to enjoy on-demand, customized performances in an arcade setting. Aside from its robust content library, US Arcades delivers full-service support for retailers who have implemented their state-of-the-art software. The company remains dedicated to enhancing the in-store experience for video arcade consumers.

“US Arcades is excited to work with NMG Management, as this partnership allows us to acquire a variety of their popular, high-quality content from one source.” said Lewis Adams, VP of Sales for US Arcades.

Lewis continued…“NMG represents some of the best studio producers in the adult marketplace, which benefits everyone involved—studios, retailers, and consumers. It is a really exciting time to be a video arcade customer.” said Lewis.

A total of 47 brick-and-mortar adult retailers are currently partnered with US Arcades, spanning 25 states. The company goal is to reach 100 stores operating by the end of 2019. A list of all existing US Arcades locations can be found here.

For more information on NMG Management, Click Here.

For more information US Arcades, contact Lewis Adams at 818-888.8738 | EMAIL.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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