WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA — (05-01-19) — With #PRIDE season here, powerhouse 665 Leather and 665 Distribution, announce its #PRIDE Special offers on its Sport Fucker Underwear Collection.

Included in the 665 #PRIDE Special are the Sport Fucker Shortstop Brief, Hooker Open Brief, Bullpen Jockstrap, Slapshot Brief and the Jock Strap by Sport Fucker.

Sport Fucker brings its eye catching underwear collection that every self respecting man would want to be caught in!

All five styles are made of thick, ultra-premium cotton engineered to be cool, to wick away moisture and become softer and softer wash after wash.

Sport Fucker Underwear #PRIDE Specials Now Available

The Shortstop Brief by Sport Fucker is all about creating long legs. What is unique about this cut, is the high rise at the front of the thigh.  When you squat while wearing the Shortstop Brief, you’ll see how your package hangs free as the leg cuffs grab onto your upper thighs creating more visual length than any other cut you’ve ever seen before.

Then there is the Hooker Open Brief by Sport Fucker, which fits like a brief in the front, and like a jock in the back. Its 96% thick, made with ultra-premium cotton and comes with 4% elastane.

Review the entire Sport Fucker Underwear Collection for 665 Leather’s #PRIDE Special on the 665 Online Superstore. You will see #PRIDE Deals Marked “SPECIAL”.

Retailers can get wholesale ordering information on the Sport Fucker Underwear Collection by contacting 665 Distribution’s Director of Sales, Chris Duarte at 1+818-678-9193 | EMAIL | Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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