LAS VEGAS, NV — (04-25-19) — launch from Carnal Media and GunzBlazing affiliate network. The GrowlBoys offers Daddy/son fantasy with a sexy, mythological twist on furries, pup play and transformation erotica.

With a biweekly release schedule, each update features a progressive chapter to a variety of ongoing stories, containing a mix of live-action bareback videos, character-driven written erotica and graphic art drawn by a Marvel- and DC Comics-credited artist.

Growlboys delivers a pornographic experience unlike any other, blending graphic novel elements with seamless, prosthetic makeup to create sexy, fantasy creature hybrids like werewolves, satyrs, and other half-man/half-beast immortals like those in pre-CGI fantasy movies (i.e. Teen Wolf, Legend, etc).

The sexy boys who populate the fictional universe are hunted and fucked raw, inseminated by god-like beings, and undergo dramatic transformations to become shapeshifters, known as GrowlBoys. They discover a magical world beyond their wildest imagination, as well as a heightened sense of sexual pleasure that leads to even hotter, wilder sexual encounters.

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Breeding plays a critical part of the GrowlBoys narratives, not only providing fans with the hottest in bareback furry porn, but also furthering the personal journey of each character.

GrowlBoys is setting out to be a trailblazer and a genre-defining site taking “unique” to a whole new level.

Fresh on the heels of their successful launch of BoyForSale, the Carnal Team is working diligently to bring new websites online in the coming months to capture the excitement and imagination of their loyal customer base, along with several updates to the recently acquired existing GunzBlazing network.

Adult affiliates can get in on the ground floor of this site at Carnal Cash. Email questions to Danny GO.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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