RENO, NV — (04-25-19) — Nevada has joined California, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington state in allowing Transgender troops to serve in their states National Guard.  All five states are doing so in defiance of  Trump’s ban on Transgenders serving in the military. The Trump Transgender military ban went into effect on April 12.

National Guard units are primarily controlled by the governor, and not by federal officials.

Several states have come out publicly to defy Donald Trump’s transgender military ban.

“The State of Nevada does not discriminate against anyone, including and especially service members, based on gender identity or expression,” said Helen Kalla, communications director for Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak. “Governor Sisolak believes the only criteria to serve in the Nevada National Guard is one’s readiness to serve.” said Kalla.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said she’d “use every option available to ensure that every eligible Oregonian, regardless of gender identity, can serve their state and country.” She added that she is “appalled that the Supreme Court is delivering an intentional blow to civil rights by supporting a push from the Trump Administration to bar transgender people from serving in the military.”

Five States Defy Trump Transgender Military Ban and Allow Them to Serve in National Guard

Washington State has also stated publicly that it’d be part of the resistance to the ban. A spokesperson for Gov. Jay Inslee said “His office stands in solidarity with transgender Americans across the country in opposing this policy and won’t stop fighting until it is defeated.”

More states are sure to follow California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington in rejecting Donald Trump’s Transgender military ban.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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