SAN DIEGO, CA — (04-22-19) — Hankey’s Toys unveil its stimulating new Breed’r Cum Lube for retail market review. The sales & marketing department at Haney’s Toys said…“Breed’r Cum Lube has been specially formulated to look and feel like real semen, making the water-based lube a slick, creamy option.”

The easy-to-clean lube is also unscented and toy-friendly to accommodate more play styles. The Breed’r Cum Lube is available in an 8oz bottle.

Additionally, Hankey’s Toys has selected what they consider to be “the best lubes on the market”, and is now offering Elbow Grease and FistPowder on its website.

Breed’r Cum Lube Is the Latest Addition to Hankey’s Toys

The mineral/oil-based Elbow Grease Original Cream is available in a 15oz jar and goes on smooth for a long-lasting, friction-free experience. Meanwhile, FistPowder is sold as a 2oz container that when combined with the recommended dose of water should yield 26 16oz bottles of lube.

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Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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