São Carlos/SP, Brazil — (04-20-19) — Openly gay pop sensation Brunelli is on fire with his latest music video, Freelance debuting on the Gay Top 100 Chart. Born Alexandre Nickolas Brunelli dos Santos, the 25 years old pop artist has been picking up heat with his new EP “Freelance” via Universal Music.

The Freelance music video by Brunelli was released on the same day as the Freelance EP dropped online and in brick & mortar music stores. Freelance was directed by Daniel Alfaya, who features an outstanding dance routine, eye grabbing colors and stylish looks.

Pop artist Brunelli Freelance Music Video Is A Must Download to Own

Watch the Freelance Official Music Video by Brunelli and see why he has scored a sick hit this time out!

Cast: Brunelli

genres: Latin Pop Music

Dancers: Edson Almeida | Gabriel Querino | Gustavo Della | Leandro Marbali

Choreography by: Marcel Anselmé

Directed by: Daniel Alfay

Cinematography by: Pablo Escajedo

Assistant Director: Carlos Henrique

A & R Manager: Miguel Cariello

Follow Brunelli: Facebook | InstagramYouTube

Produced by: Umberto Tavares and Mãozinha

Label Manager: Leonardo Nunes

Record Label: Gosto Tanto Produções Artísticas E Eventos Ltda

Country: Brazil

Language: Spanish

© 2019 Gosto Tanto Produções Artísticas E Eventos Ltda | Universal Music Group

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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