LAS VEGAS, NV — (04-19-19) — Feed Me Your Love is the fresh new drama from the Peter Fever website and marks its first erotic drama.  Peter Fever Entertainment’ new Feed Me Your Love production also marks the gay porn label’s first foray into Hong Kong-style erotic drama.

In an original story idea conceived by Danny Zeeman and penned by Len Whitney, bitter burnout David Ace finds wild romance with his cafe patron, writer Max (played by 2019’s GayVN award winner Max Konnor).

But the course of true love takes some nasty and obsessive turns along the way. The style is dramatic and almost operatic, narrated by the characters in soft white closeup as the action unfolds.

Director Koloff had planned to rely on long patches of voice-over, but keeping the action tight and compelling proved to be a challenge.

“I decided to turn to reality television-style ‘confessionals’ where we see the halo-lit characters telling their own stories that fade into narrated action.” said Koloff. “It seems more personal and involving, and allows for a more visual, active style of storytelling.” said Koloff.

Feed Me Your Love gay porn scene 1 - David Ace-Max-Konnor-PeterFever

Feed Me Your Love gay porn scene 1 – David Ace-Max-Konnor-PeterFever

“David and Max’s fractured romance unfolds over five episodes spanning from their meeting cute in an empty midnight cafe through cheating, betrayal, revenge and reconciliation. Principal photography in Vegas used studio and location sets, including a hot seduction in the dark hallways of famed Entourage Gay Spa and a custom-built cafe set at famed Falcon Studios

The action in Feed Me Your Love is unmistakably pornographic, but seamlessly integrated into an indie art film milieu that lends a deeper emotional connection to the overheated story.

As Max’s casual hookup who precipitates David’s almost unhinged breakdown, Peter Fever discovery Ray Dexter makes a shining and memorable debut. The YouTube favorite has amassed a sizable following with an unexpected combination of attributes, a young adorable Asian twink who’s a massively-endowed total top!

Wielding maybe the biggest Asian cock in gay porn, Dexter enjoyed making his first big-budget porn series, one with a real story and script. The casual off-camera camaraderie of the cast and crew made his transition to studio porn less daunting. “It was so much fun getting to work with everyone; it felt like everyone was very supportive of each other and that made me more comfortable,” he recalls.”

Feed Me Your Love Is A Must Review from Peter Fever Entertainment

Feed Me your Love’s out-there title refers to a strangely romantic sharing of post-coital fluids that “seals the deal” for love-driven David Ace.  Script writer Len Whitney was inspired by an unlikely source, an old 2013 Norwegian Eurovision entry in James Bond style called “I Feed You My Love”.

The song’s blazing horns and strings brought to mind the hot sizzling drama of David Ace and Max Konnor’s coupling and a series title was born.

Creator Danny Zeeman wanted a video series that would stretch the bound of what viewers expect in pay adult entertainment.

“With Feed Me Your Love, we went straight for the jugular in a heart-wrenching tale of love, lust, jealousy and betrayal,” said Zeeman. “Finally a gay adult film where the story line is tantamount to the sex, and in true dramatic fashion we end in an all-out confrontation that brings all of our stars closer together…quite literally.” said Zeeman.

The gay erotica production of Feed Me Your Love un-spools its tangled tale in five weekly episodes scheduled to stream exclusively at the Peter Fever Network, with its premier scene “First Sight, First Taste” premiering Friday, April 19, 2019.

Feed Me Your Love-gay-porn-scene-First Sight First Tatse-David-Ace-Max-Konnor-PeterFever

Feed Me Your Love-gay-porn-scene-First Sight First Tatse-David-Ace-Max-Konnor-PeterFever

Cast: David Ace | Max Konnor

genres: Adventure | Story line | Asian Gay Porn | Interracial |  Twinks | Muscles

Directed by: Koloff

Executive Producer: Peter Le | Danny Zeeman

Written and Produced by: Danny Zeeman

Production co: Peter Fever Entertainment

Distributed by: Pulse | IVD | National/Universal | SpringTownDVD

Distributed by: Vimpex Media (EU)

Country: USA

Language: English

Digital Download Release date: April 19, 2019

DVD Ship date: TBA

DVD Street date: TBA

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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