WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA — (04-17-19) — The wait is finally over as Black on Black DVD starring Noir Male exclusive Trent King, Jacen Zhu, Pheonix Fellington, Max Konnor and Jaxx Maxim. Black On Black also stars Zario Travezz, Aaron Reese and Tyler Winxx in a Chi Chi LaRue gay erotica film.

Noir Male fans on social media can now spread the word that Mile High Media has begun shipping Black On Black DVD to retail.  Black On Black is also On Demand.

Chi Chi LaRue delivers the hottest Black on Black erotica ever captured on video and with superstars Phoenix Fellington, Jacen Zhu, Trent King and Tyler Winxx leading the cast, Black On Black is sure to be a huge hit for Noir Male and Mile High Media.



Sexy Dr. Davidson, played by a hot & hung Trent King, is making a house call to one of his favorite patient’s son Darrel, played by sexy Jacen Zhu. Darrel’s dad is going to teach son a lesson for faking once again so to call him on his bluff he gets the doctor to make a special visit.

Then, It’s time for daddy’s surprise, Max Konnor the man collector is about to decide if studs Aaron Reese & Tyler Winxx are worthy enough to move into his house! In this steamy Noir Male exclusive, it’s time to impresses daddy proving you they are worthy, bringing you the hardest cocks this is the relentless fucking at its finest.

Black on Black DVD gay-porn-Jacen Zhu-Trent King-Noir-Male

Black on Black DVD -Gay-Porn-Jacen Zhu-Trent King-Noir-Male

If you thought that was enough, think again as you get ready for three of the hottest studs who decide to get away on business. Trent King, Pheonix Fellinton and Fame, find themselves in a hotel room together. Hornier than ever they are craving thick cock in all of their holes.

Plus hotties Jaxx Maxim and Zario Travezz love watching their favorite teams play each other, betting on them each time. Whoever loses has to take on the winner’s massive cock! Leaving it to be a win win situation. Get ready for the hardest cocks exploding with cum it doesn’t get wilder than this!

Black on Black DVD Set to Deliver Impressive Numbers

Mile High Media is now shipping Canada and the United States Black on Black DVD. Vimpex Gay Media is now shipping Black on Black DVD throughout the Europe.

Cast: Trent King | Jacen Zhu | Pheonix Fellington | Max Konnor | Jaxx Maxim

genres: American | Anal | Big Dicks | Black Men | BlowJobs | Power Bottoms

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Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue

Produced by: Jon Blitt

Production co: Noir Male Studios

Distributed by: Mile High Media (Canada) (USA)

Distributed by: Vimpex Gay Media (EU)

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: April 17, 2019

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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