HOLLYWOOD, CA — (04-15-19) — El Chicano…The Ghetto Reaper official trailer has just been released by War Party Films and Briancliff Entertainment. El Chicano marks 25-year veteran stuntman Ben Hernandez Bray directorial debut. Hernandez also co-wrote the script for El Chicano…the Ghetto Reaper with Joe Carnahan.

The official trailer for El Chicano was uploaded to YouTube on March 26, 2019 and has already garnered nearly 10 million views. The cast consists of Logan Arevalo, Jose Pablo Cantillo, David Castañed, George Lopeza and Roberto Garcia.

Briarcliff Entertainment acquired U.S. rights to the Latino superhero film El Chicano, a Latino superhero film in English, with an all-Hispanic cast.

“The action film tells the story of twin brothers Diego and Pedro (both played by Raúl Castillo), who grew up together on the streets of East Los Angeles. As adults, their lives took radically different paths as Diego became a celebrated detective for the LAPD, and Pedro turned to a dead-end life of crime. When clues start connecting Pedro’s death to a case Diego is working on, a mythological figure from his youth, The Ghetto Grim Reaper, draws Diego in deeper than he ever expected. He becomes that figure, an Hispanic version of Batman or Black Panther”
Written by Deadline

Chicano Debuts New Latin Superhero, The Ghetto Grim Reaper

Cast: Logan Arevalo | Jose Pablo Cantillo | David Castañed | George Lopez

genre: Drama

El Chicano: Official Website

Directed by:: Ben Hernandez Bray

Cinematography by: Juan Migeul Azpiroz

Written by: Ben Hernandez Bray | Joe Carnahan

Film Editing by: Jason Hellmann

Executive Producers: Gianni Altobelli | Jeff Geoffray | Jeffrey Konvitz

Producers: Joe Carnahan | Lorenzo di Bonaventura | Frank Grillo

Production co: WarParty Films

Distributed by: Briarcliff Entertainment (USA) (Theatrical)

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: May 3, 2019

© 2019 Briarcliff Entertainment | WarParty Films

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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