SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (04-14-19) — Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies (of Mexico) is a sizzler from Treasure Island Media and Paul Morris. The bareback legendary gay porn studio delivers Latino tattooed men in bareback action.

Paul Morris brings Latin gay porn lovers passionate raw sex including steamy gloryhole threeways, big uncut cocks and gorgeous tattooed Latinos.

Donky Dick Nut Junkies of Mexico (2019) Dorian and Brayan

Donky Dick Nut Junkies of Mexico (2019) Dorian and Brayan

“El Malas and Loghan are cum hungry and have no intention of leaving without having their fill. These pigs trade off tasting what the other has to offer with long slow lip covered dick strokes and deep sack sucking gulps of flavor. Muy caliente! Through with having his dick teased, El Malas flips Loghan on his back for some less than gentle penetration. With just spit on his dick, his engorged uncut cock head pops in that hungry hole followed by a single chute shattering thrust.

Jimmy is craving for jizz when he invites Macanao Torres over to supply some semen. Like any good trick he’s waiting in his underwear, ready to get spat on and tongue bathe a horny stranger. With enough saliva exchanged, Macanao grabs Jimmy by the back of the neck and guides his slutty face hole over his rock hard dick.

Darwin and El Lobo venture to a cozy cum stained corner of a local gay bar/sex club where they encounter Lalo Santos. The three strip down and the dicks start swinging. With cocks on either side, Darwin starts sucking the horny hombres, getting his ass smacked, and getting ready for the main event. Bent over like a horny slut, Darwin offers his hole to Lalo to plow raw. ”

Paul Morris Delivers Latin Gay Porn Fans Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies (Of Mexico)

Donky Dick Nut Junkies of Mexico (2019) gay porn movie trailer

Cast: Loghan | El Malas | Jimmy | Macanao Torres | Lalos Santos | See Full Cast

genres: Bareback | Big Dicks | Threesomes | Blowjobs | Power Bottom

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Donky Dick Nut Junkies (of Mexico) DVD -2019-Treasure-Island-Media

Donky Dick Nut Junkies (of Mexico) DVD -2019-Treasure-Island-Media

Treasure Island Media: Official Website

Directed by: Paul Morris

Production co: Treasure Island Media

Distributed by: New Barbary Coast

Country: USA

Language: English

Ship Date: April 11, 2019

Street Date: April 17, 2019

Latin lovers can download Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies (of Mexico) exclusively on the Treasure Island Media membership Site.

Adult Stores and wholesale  distributors can get ordering information by contacting David Downs at New Barbary Coast Distribution (NBCD) | 1+877-553-8181 | 1+415-553-8181 | EMAIL.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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