LAS VEGAS, NV — (04-08-19) — Multi award-winning Zbuckz and legendary director Dominic Pacifico explore caged heat in their new web series, ‘Enchained’.

Prison movies are a staple for pulp fiction writers and B-movie directors. They are also just as effective as inspiration for gay erotica films.

Zbuckz and the Dominic Pacifico Network have just opened the prison doors on Enchained, a four-episode epic gay erotica web series about caged men who have no outlet for their overactive libidos.

You won’t believe what the cellmates and sadistic prison staff have in store for gay erotica fans in the gay erotica web series Enchained.

Enchained features a five man cast that includes director and gay adult film star Dominic Pacifico, and his real-life partner, Casey Everett. Also starring in Enchained are gay porn stars Cesar Xes, Kurt Klein and Angel Duran.

These hardcore tough guys provide Enchained a rugged and realistic ambiance to its saga of horny men stuck behind bars.

Enchained Is the Must See Gay Erotica Prison Genre Web series from Dominic Pacifico and Zbuckz

Pacifico enlisted the talents of Zbuckz’ veteran screenwriter Len Whitney to turn out a campy, sex-soaked scenario of sadistic wardens, sex-driven guards and the outlaws who are both victims and fuck buddies. As the prison’s evil head honcho, Pacifico turns on the dom daddy menace!

Enchained (2019) Gay-Erotica-Cast-Dominic-Pacifico-Entertainment-Zbuckz

Enchained (2019) Gay-Erotica-Cast-Dominic-Pacifico-Entertainment-Zbuckz

“Character roles are my favorite type of porn to make.” said Dominic Pacifico. “I think this series sets the tone for the rest of the year. I love BDSM and rough sex, and Enchained was the perfect combination of both.” said Pacifico.

The production, shot at Falcon Studios in Las Vegas, features the same caliber of videography and camera work that have marked Dominic Pacifico productions for Zbuckz.

These story-based epics, such as the 18th-century religious costume drama Repent, are helping to build the Dominic Pacifico network a reputation for “porn with a plot.”

“With the highest quality production values, amazing sets and some of the hottest and raunchiest no-holds=barred sex, Dominic continues to blaze a trail in the industry by directing some of the hottest gay porn on the market.” said Director of Zbuckz Entertainment, Danny Zeeman. “With the release of Enchained, fans and affiliates alike will flock to what is sure to be the breakout new blockbuster movie of the spring!” said Zeeman.

Watch the first episode of Enchained exclusively on the Dominic Pacifico Network.

Enchained (2019) Episode-1-the-newbie-Gay-Erotica-trailer-Kurt-Klein-Cesar-Xes-Dominic-Pacifico

Cast: Kurt Klein | Cesar Xes

genres: American | bareback | blowjobs | creampie | Interracial | Latin | rimming

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Directed by: Dominic Pacifico

Screenplay by: Len Whitney

Production co: Dominic Pacifico Entertainment

Distributed by: Zbuckz Distribution

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: April 8, 2019

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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