HOLLYWOOD, CA — (03-22-19) — Elbow Grease Lubricants celebrates its 40th anniversary delivering its iconic and stimulating formulas. Their stimulating Elbow Grease Cream Cool CreamElbow Grease H20 , Fusion Deep Action Silicone and the Delicious Encounter Strawberry Flavored Lubricant formulas are must stocks at all times.

Owner and president of B.Cumming Co. told JRL CHARTS that the multi award-winning iconic brand will be on hand at the ANME B2B Trade Show in July.

I was also able to chat with Nef Martinez, owner and president of B.Cumming Co., to find out how hitting the big 40 has been.

Andy Powell: Nef, how does it feel to be the owner of the iconic Elbow Grease lube brand now celebrating its 40th anniversary?

Nef Martinez: I still can’t believe that I own this brand. It is an incredible feeling. This has been a very long, fun, exciting journey for me. I began my employment with B. Cumming Co. in January 1991. I was hired as a warehouse employee. A few years later I was promoted to office clerk. Then I moved on to the sales department. After a while I was promoted to head the sales department. Then I eventually started overseeing the day to day operations. At that point I was promoted to Vice President. In August 2016 I was offered the opportunity to purchase the company and became the sole owner of the amazing brand of Elbow Grease.

Pictured - Nef Martinez-Owner-Elbow Grease Lubricants

Pictured – Nef Martinez-Owner-Elbow Grease Lubricants

Andy Powell: Nef, talk about starting from the ground floor and going all the way to the top! Tell me, will you be offering retailers new POP displays?

Nef Martinez: Over the last 40 years we have offered displays for our retailers however, at this time displays are not being considered. But we do have exciting plans and ideas to expand the brand. You just have to wait and see what we come up with next.

Andy Powell: Nice tease there Nef. I was wondering…What continues to make Elbow Grease stand out from the hundreds if not thousands of competitors in retail?

Elbow Grease Celebrates 40th Anniversary at IML,PRIDE

Nef Martinez: Our brand stands out due to a number of factors. We are a staple in the gay community. We offer an incredible product and our longevity has made our brand recognizable world wide. But mainly, our continued success is all due to our incredible loyal customers. We are thankful to them every day. In fact we will continue providing the same great product they like while continuing to innovate and create other fun formulas. Andy, It is not easy to be in any given industry for 40 years let alone continue to be thrive and be successful. Our success is owed to an amazing community and for that I am extremely grateful.

With PRIDE and LEATHER season already “gearing up” pun intended, we have teamed up with a number of customers, events, trade shows, PRIDES and Leather Title Winners to promote our brands.

Andy Powell: That is exciting news…

Nef Martinez: Yes… in fact, Elbow Grease was the Platinum Sponsor for the 2019 Mr. Leather 64 Ten contest in Chicago. Plus on April 6, we will be proudly sponsoring RITES XL: THE BLACK PARTY, taking place at the New York Expo Center.

Andy Powell: You have got your hands full for PRIDE and LEATHER season Nef, and retailers as well as consumers will take notice.

Nef Martinez: That is our goal always and just to let you know Andy, Elbow Grease brand will also have presence at IML 2019. We have and continue to sponsor “PUTERIA”, which is an event held monthly at “The Precinct” in Downtown LA. This will be a busy year for Elbow Grease.

Andy Powell: I can’t wait to report on all of the festivities Elbow Grease will be involved in during PRIDE and LEATHER season which is coming up fast. Nef, thank you for taking a moment to chant with me and to inform our readers of the exciting happenings at Elbow Grease.

Nef Martinez: My pleasure Andy.

Andy Powell: Retailers, distributors and JRL CHARTS fans, make sure to visit the official Elbow Grease website to not only review their stimulating award winning brands but to also take advantage of their exciting PRIDE season specials.

Stay tuned as we cover the iconic Elbow Grease lubricants brand while they dominate with exposure during PRIDE Festivals nationwide and the iconic IML.

For more information on the iconic B. Cumming Co. award winning brands, call Toll-Free – 1+800-226-6464 | 1+818-504-2571 | Fax: 1+818-504-2927 | EMAIL | Facebook | Twitter

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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