SEOUL, KR — (03-15-19) — The long awaited premier of ‘FOCUS ON ME’ M/V from newly formed duo Jus2 (GOT7 Unit), is an International Hit. The new South Korean duo consists of JB and Yugyeom.

Jus2 was formed by JYP Entertainment and with good reason! The first single from these two Korean twinks is ‘FOCUS ON ME’. JYP dropped the FOCUS ON ME M/V on March 5 and has already generated over 27 Million views.

JYP Entertainment released the self entitled ‘FOCUS’ EP on March 5, 2019.

The Jus2 (GOT7 Unit) duo has already impressed with “Focus” debuting at number 6 on Billboard World Album Chart.

The FOCUS ON ME M/V is a R&B masterpiece track that brings JB and Yugyeom singing talents to new hights. The hypnotic beat with a melody you won’t be able to resist is sure to take FOCUS ON ME to the top of the K-POP charts in no time.

JYP Scores with Jus2 (GOT7 Unit) FOCUS ON ME M/V

Watch FOCUS ON ME M/V BTS First!

Cast: JB | Yugyeom

genres: R&B | Pop | K-Pop

Jus2 (GOT7 Unit): Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Directed by: Dirextor Kim (HQF)

Assistant Director: Mihee Seo

Produced by: Downy Jung

Record Label: JYP Entertainment

Country: South Korea

Language: English | Korean

Run time: 3 Minutes 41 Seconds

Release date: March 3, 2019

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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