LINCOLN, NE — (03-12-19) — Lincoln adult store robbery suspect Shantel Stickney has been arrested.  Lincoln police also believe the robbery at Doctor John’s adult store in January was an inside job.

Adult store robbery suspect Shantel Stickney, an employee of the former Doctor John’s located at 2410 N.W. 12th St., told police Jan. 11, that a masked man entered the adult store.  He then displayed a semi-automatic handgun demanding cash.

The male suspect left the adult store with thousands of dollars in sex toys and an undisclosed amount of cash, according to Officer Angela Sands.

Shantel Stickney also told investigators the male suspect stole the surveillance system during the robbery. Investigators later located the surveillance system and found inaccuracies in Stickney’s story.

“In video pulled from the surveillance system, a vehicle pulls into the parking lot at Doctor John’s and flashes its lights twice,” said Officer Sands. “At which time Stickney goes to the store’s backroom, where the surveillance system operated from. As the robber enters the store, the surveillance system is disconnected, said Sands.

Police received multiple Crime Stoppers tips indicating this was an “inside job,” said Sands.  Officers found the alleged getaway vehicle used in the robbery. It turned out the vehicle belonged to someone Shantel Stickney knew. Investigators also recovered some of the stolen sex toy merchandise.

Police caught a break in February when an informant told them that some of the sex toys was dumped along a county road near Garland. Police were dispatched to the area and found numerous sex toys that were stolen from Doctor John’s adult store, according to the affadavit.

Adult Store clerk Shantel Stickney Allegedy Involved In Sex Toy Heist

Police arrested Shantel Stickney, 21, on Sunday and jailed her on suspicion of aiding and abetting in the Doctor John’s adult store robbery. Police expect to make several more arrests in this case.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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