NEW YORK — (03-11-19) — Freaky Shoes high quality custom PRIDE designs goes viral on social media and JRL is here to bring you the inside scoop. The eye grabbing PRIDE season custom designs for LGBTQ consumers are a must buy.

Freaky Shoes founder and designer Pete told JRL CHARTS….”Andy, we take #Pride in our High Quality Custom Printed Shoes for every single customer.” Pete told JRL. “We provide excellent customer service because we know satisfaction is key.  In fact we are proud to be part of supporting all causes including Thin Blue Line Sneakers, Breast Cancer Awareness and Suicide Awareness. said Pete.

Pride Flag Men’s Classic High Top Canvas Shoes

Pride Flag Men’s Classic High Top Canvas Shoes –

Freaky Shoes brings the LGBTQ Community Premium Quality Sneakers – expressing the Pride Flag in rich detailed vibrant colors.

PRIDE Flag Women’s Low Top Skateboarding Shoes:

Featuring both classic and updated low top skate shoe silhouettes, this low top shoes perform good flexible movement on skateboarding or daily wearing.

• 31.75 Oz. Especially suitable for skateboarding
• Faux suede vamp and heel patch
• Design area: oxford fabric quarter
• Translucent raw rubber sole
• Breathable foamed+faux suede insole
• Soft PU Nappa leather padded collars
• Oxford fabric binding
• Hand wash only. The print on shoes is unable to fade


Pride LGBT Flag Women’s Low Top Skateboarding Shoes

PRIDE Flag Men’s Classic High Top Canvas Shoes:

• 37.67 Oz. Designed for fashion men
• Stylish and personalized
• Full canvas upper, round toe
• Metal eyelets for a classic look
• Soft inner lining adds to comfort
• Lightweight ensures easy movement
• High ankle lace up design using high quality material
• Color of stitch in design area is same as bordure

Pete also told JRL CHARTS…”We enjoy being open minded and driven to always think outside by providing our clients a custom designed sneaker.  We are always adding new designs and collections to our ever growing library of footwear,” said Pete.

One thing this reporter can tell you about Freaky Shoes – They are truly your one-stop-shop for your limitless footwear needs.

Remember! Shoes are the window to your personality. Choosing the best shoes which represent your personality and the latest trend is quite challenging.  Besides meeting trends, your pair of shoes should also provide you comfort as well as eye grabbing style.

Thin Blue Line Respect Men's Breathable Running Shoes

Thin Blue Line Respect Men’s Breathable Running Shoes

Customization of your shoes according to your aesthetics and needs is the answer to your problem. You will find many online retailers who claim to customize your shoes but in the end, you get something far more different than your demand and requirement.

Custom 888-MoveStuff Design Men's Classic Slip-On Sneakers

Custom 888-MoveStuff Design Men’s Classic Slip-On Sneakers

Freaky Shoes customization of shoes requires expertise in shoe-making and art. The artists at Freaky Shoes has built a solid reputation to materialize your idea into reality in your footwear. The team of artists and shoemakers at Freaky Shoes are truly experts.

Just think, no more worrying about what gift to give your kid on his/her birthday.  Or looking for something special to present your loved one on your anniversary. Put your worries to the side as Freaky Shoes are there to bring your dreams to reality.

Simply send Freaky Shoes a message with his/her favorite color and they will customize a beautiful sneaker for which will make their special moments forever remembered. You can also upload your preferred design! Now I ask you, does it get any better than this?

To place your order for your customized #PRIDE Shoe collection and/or to order your very own customized designs, visit FreakyShoes.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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