PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — (03-07-19) — Multi award-winning Williams Trading has released a hand-curated line of fetish toys and kits from The Dungeon Store.

“The Dungeon Store seems to have really captured a different and vast selection of bedroom accessories for the diverse market we’re all trying to appeal to,” said Charlotte L., sales representative at Williams Trading.

The leather-heavy line is sourced from mostly American craftsman, masters of detail and small batch production. All items in the catalog have been deliberately chosen for their quality and uniqueness, to appeal to the discerning fetish consumer.

This curated selection features a unique medley of mild to wild products ideal for every level of play, both in and out of the bedroom. For those looking for a softer touch, the line contains sensation based implements such as cat claws, nipple pinchers, and black glass anal probes.

While for the heavier hitters, a unique assortment of leather bats, floggers, paddles, and spankers have been included. And for the truly deviant and adventurous there’s an assorted class with puppy play hoods, leather bondage sleep suits, and even electrical stimulation products.

“The Dungeon store is the brainchild several of us who have been working in this industry for nearly a century of combined experience.” said Anne B., owner of The Dungeon Store who curated product offerings. “We’re committed to sourcing and creating the best American fetish products for a fair market value. To help with that aim, we have partnered with Williams Trading Co to exclusively offer this assortment for wholesale shipment,” said Anne B.


The Dungon Store Digital Catalog at Williams Trading Co. consists of more than 60 fetish and bondage-themed items, including such categories as: anal play, sensory deprivation (masks, bone gags), impact (floggers, hand spankers), sensation play (nipple pitchers, vampire nails, cat claws silver talons), restraints (buckle cuffs, waterproof ropes, steel chastity cages). There’s even a selection of rare offerings for special order including leather puppy play kits and accessories and full body leather sleep suits and strait jackets.

“This complete product line from The Dungeon Store is available now for wholesale orders and also part of our drop shipping service for e-commerce retailers,” said Rich P., vice president sales at Williams Trading.

View the complete assortment The Dungeon Store here and place wholesale orders.

The Dungeon store product line is MAP pricing and restricted from the Amazon marketplace. All Resellers may offer Alternative Sites, Ltd products at any price in excess of the MAP established for such products. Selling or advertising on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify or other internet auction sites is strictly prohibited; see the MAP Policy for details.

View the complete assortment The Dungeon Store and place wholesale orders here.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer


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