LOS ANGELES, CA — (03-07-19) — We are proud to announce The Enhanced Male becomes our newest sponsor on the LGBT B2B Adult News Leader.  Owner and president Daniel Becker is excited to expand The Enhanced Male’ reach into the LGBTQ adult marketplace especially with PRIDE 2019 right around the corner, what better way to make a splash debut upon our community.

One of The Enhanced Male’ PRIDE teasers is the MUST OWN pleasure product for Gay men who in fact, will be thanking Daniel Becker for bringing the Real Mouth Male Masturbator Sleeve by Healthy Vibes to their attention!

Real Mouth Male Masturbator Sleeve:

* Handheld male masturbator shaped like a real woman’s mouth
* So real that it has a tongue, teeth, tonsils, and even ridges in the mouth
* One pound of real skin flesh so real you can’t tell it’s fake
* Enjoy blowjob and deep throat fantasies like never before
* Made of ultra realistic skin material
* The ultimate masturbation experience
* Permanently improve sexual performance
* Stop premature ejaculation
* Over time building up sexual stamina will help you enjoy sex more
* Improve your confidence and overall sexual health
* Tame your hypersensitive penis and enjoy long lasting sex
* Masturbation with a purpose will increase your stamina in the bedroom
* 100% discreet, easy to clean & maintain
* Can be used with your favorite lubricants



If you thought that was enticing enough, check out The Enhanced Male’ Silicone 3 Pack Cock Ring Kit for Stamina Training. How can any self respecting man resist this?

Silicone 3 Pack Cock Ring Kit:

* Designed to Instantly create harder and thicker erections
* Use this cock ring kit to improve your sexual performance
* Performance enhancing rings help maintain erections
* Train yourself to perform better in bed
* Ideal for men with Erectile Dysfunction
* Easy, pain free – Delays ejaculation while maintaining harder erections
* Prevent premature ejaculation instantly
* Made from pure high grade silicone
* Extremely comfortable to wear
* So easy to use, you will wonder why you waited
* 3 different size rings included in this set



That is just the beginning as Daniel Becker has a wide assortment of pleasure products to review and purchase with immediate delivery.

The Enhanced Male knows the power of the LGBTQ adult community and proud to sponsor PRIDE 2019 on JRL CHARTS.

I had a chance to get a quote from Daniel Becker who is busy preparing for PRIDE 2019, on his expansion into LGBTQ $830 billion Market.

“I can speak for the entire staff that we are very excited to be working so closely with the team at JRL CHARTS,” said Daniel Becker. “You’re a great group doing amazing things for the LBGTQ community and we are just proud to be able to work with them. It’s very important for us at The Enhanced Male to get more heavily involved in the LGBTQ community and help meet their needs wherever possible.” said Becker.

One thing you will find when you visit The Enhanced Male, is that they are a full line one-stop for pleasure products for men including, Male Enhancement ProductsDelay Sprays & Creams, Penis Pumps, Penis Extenders, Cock Sheaths & Sleeves and Penis Performance Rings.

Plus The Enhanced Male’ Sex Essentials; Penis Pump Cylinders, Sex toy cleaners, Stamina Training Sleeves, Lubricants, Prostate Massagers and more.

Now, as an added bonus, for the entire month of April, The Enhanced Male is offering a 20% discount (Use Coupon Code LGBTQ143) off your entire order.

For more information on The Enhanced Male, call their corporate headquarters at 1+805-870-5117 | Facebook | Twitter .

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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