SAN FRANCISCO — (02-22-19) — Treasure Island Media has released it’s latest MECOS gay bareback porn series movie, ‘Donkey-Dick Nut Junkies (of Mexico).

The Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies (of Mexcio) is now streaming exclusively on the Latin Loads website.

Clocking in at 2 hours and 7 scenes long, Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies (of Mexico), features the biggest uncut cocks and sluttiest whore holes in Mexico City. The new movie premiere is available to TIMPASS+ and LatinLoads members, and will last until March 20th, 2019.

Dorian returns from Latin Ass Breeders packin’ his signature 10-inch tummy tickler, and plants it balls deep in TIM first-timer Brayan. Despite the fact that Brayan towers over him by nearly a foot, Dorian completely dominates the prostrated bottom. Never truly satisfied, Dorian joins Lalo Santos in a gloryhole double-dicking of the sleaziest order. Caught between two cocks and a hard place, Jimmy opens his hole for their Biblical ass-flooding.

Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies of Mexico (2019) Lalo, Darwin and El Lob

Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies of Mexico (2019) Lalo, Darwin and El Lob

Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies of Mexico (2019) Jimmy and Macanao Torres

Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies of Mexico (2019) Jimmy and Macanao Torres

If you watched Mexican Brother-Fuckers, you already know Mike. Mike may as well be a fisting top, because his arm-sized cock terrifies all but the most dedicated buttsluts. Since his usual victims were out of commission, we reached out to our legion of manfuckers for a void to fill.

Sky is a marked man from America who happened to be in the area. Within a few texts we arranged the breeding, told Sky where to go, and gave him a taste of the mean meat they’re packin’ down South.

Darwin and El Lobo venture to a cozy cum stained corner of a local gay sex club, encountering Lalo Santos. Bent over like a horny slut, Darwin offers his hole to Lalo to plow raw. With one hard shove he’s balls deep, and they trade off on rough-fucking the maricón until he’s full of that good Mexican leche.

TIM-Mexico truly outdid themselves, pitting their most aggressive hole-jockeys against the hungriest cum-dumps in their stable. You’ll find yourself enraptured by sexual intensity only men south of the border can kindle.

Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies of Mexico (2019) gay porn movie trailer

Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies (of Mexico) has the kind of instantly classic scenes that you will play over and over again until you have every grunt and moan memorized.

Cast: Loghan | El Malas | Jimmy | Macanao Torres | Lalo Santos | See Full Cast

genres: Bareback | Big Dicks | Blowjobs | Hairy | Latin | Tattoos

Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies of Mexico DVD (2019)

Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies of Mexico DVD (2019)

Donkey-Dick Nut-Junkies (of Mexico): Official Website

Directed by: Mecos

Produced by: Tim Morris | Max Sohl

Production co: Treasure Island Media

Distributed by: New Barbary Coast

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: February 22, 2019

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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