Wasserbillig — (02-20-19) — Powerhouse PJUR offers adult retailers more support with new POS Displays that are guaranteed to be High-Stopping Power action.

In fact Sugar & Sas, exclusive partner to grow the pjur brand and sales in Australia and New Zealand, is ready to take matters in their own hands.

“We have had a short, but intense preparation time and we are ready to even better serve our customers from now.” said Jo Radnidge, general manager Sugar & Sas. “Launching the “gives you more” campaign offers huge potential in terms of brand visibility, shelf planning and in-store experience”, said Radnidge.



Check out what the multi award-winning Pjur is bringing to adult retailers worldwide.

All-in-one solution – pjur Slat Wall Display:
The attractive slat wall display offers a set of advantages: Firstly, it includes an attractive slat wall skin for high stopping power in-store. Secondly, it comes in two sizes with six and three shelves respectively, offering a great solution for smaller stores alike. Finally, the pjur display comes with five testers and a pre-defined planogram for optimised portfolio presentation. The full package comes at a competitive price for retailers and is available for order as of now.

Convince Yourself: pjur Try It Kits:
The newly launched pjur Try It Kit offers sales personnel the opportunity to try pjur’s best-selling lubricants at home. It includes four samples: pjur ORIGINAL, pjur WOMAN Nude, pjur BACK DOOR Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide and pjur med REPAIR glide. It is available – free of charge – to all interested retailers and long-standing pjur customers.

“We are convinced that customers will greatly benefit from the ‘gives you more’ campaign in Australia and New Zealand,” says Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of pjur. “Customers can order slat wall displays, as well as receive Try It Kits, flyers, a big variety of POS material and participate in a pjur specialist training. We firmly believe that training sales personnel will lead to better recommendations in store and boost sales potential. Jo and her team are looking forward to meeting with retailers and taking orders for displays and Try It Kits for their sales staff.” said Giebel.

Adult retailers can get more information on the new POS Displays by pjur via +352 – 748989 | Fax: +352 – 748990 | EMAIL.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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