PRAGUE, Czech Republic — (02-20-19) — Czech Adult film producer Jonathan Todd (aka JT), and adult film star Tarra White, released a statement Wednesday morning pertaining to the Czech adult film industry community.

They are addressing the issues surrounding the reported HIV-positive adult film performer in the European adult film talent pool.

“Czech Adult Industry agents, producers and performers came together in the evening of Tuesday 19th February to lay the foundation to an Alliance of the Czech Adult Industry,” the statement said. At that meeting, it continued, the following courses of action were voted upon and officially adopted by the community:

• A moratorium on all production in Czech Republic will remain in effect until March 13 at the earliest, which marks 28 days from when the above-mentioned HIV-positive case was confirmed.

• Performers will need to show two consecutive negative tests for HIV before they will be allowed to begin shooting again.

• Moving forward, a 14-day test will be instituted as the standard maximum accepted.

• The standard testing panel will include testing for HIV I and HIV 2 from a list of approved clinics.

• An initiative will be launched to make performers award of the drug PrEP and have them consult with their own doctors about its possible benefits.

It is our intention by creating this alliance, that we provide the safest environment and best practices not only for our Czech actors/producers but also for the many foreigners coming to the Czech Republic.”

We will continue to follow this story and bring you new developments as they become available.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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