WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA — (02-18-19) — The Enhanced Male,  one of the internet’s fastest growing male enhancement retail websites, has announced its full support and advocacy for the Free Speech Coalition (FSC).

The FSC reach is far and wide as the leader in fighting to alleviate the social stigma, misinformation, and discriminatory policies that plague all businesses in the adult industry.

Founded over 25 years ago, the FSC is the voice for the businesses that are otherwise ignored due to the stigma that surrounds the adult entertainment industry. FSC has taken battles all the way up to the United States Supreme Court and continues to fight daily for its members and industry.

Dan Garrett, Vice President of The Enhanced Male said the following statement:

“As a member of the adult industry for over 10 years, I have seen first hand the damage that can be done to the reputation of a person or business simply for the fact that they work in an industry founded on sex and sexuality. It is sad that in such a progressive era that we find ourselves living in, people are still out there slandering and forcing unjust laws upon those of us in this industry. When the opportunity arose to support the Free Speech Coalition at one of our executive meetings, we jumped at the chance to support such a great cause.

We at The Enhanced Male are excited to support a cause that has been the staple in our industry for so long. As a business owner, we need a voice to fight back against the law and policy makers in Washington who would love to see us regulated to a greater extent or even worse, shut down.

The Free Speech Coalition is a fantastic operation that not only fights for the rights of us business owners but also the rights of every member of the LGBTQQI community. It is for that reason we want to extend our support as far as we can. It is an uphill battle and we need all hands-on deck!”

According to Garrett, as The Enhanced Male continues its rapid growth in the male enhancement industry, it will continue to support Free Speech Coalition in any way possible.

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For more information on Free Speech Coalition, click here.

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