LAS VEGAS — (02-17-19) — Jolin Tsai, the Taiwanese pop star, songwriter, dancer, actress, and businesswoman, scores a hit with her new Womxnly dance video. The new pop song has captured the spotlight on the International Gay Music Chart for weekending Feb.17.

Yes, Jolin Tsai is back and ready to out do her 2014 hit Play,  which won the dance-pop queen her first Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Album. Will Womxnly be her next number one hit?

The choreography for Womxnly was conducted by Kiel Tutin and is sure to be copied by dance crews across the globe on YouTube.

According to publicity agents for Jolin Tsai:
“Jolin Tsai discovered from the “Rose Boy” music creation process that “love yourself” is “Love your body”. When you hear the melody, you want to swing, respect the body’s intuition and enjoy the dance.

Because of this, the Jolin team is launching the official version of the MV.  Before, let’s launch this unique dance version of the MV! In particular, Ryan Parma, the American director who had filmed the “Hello Bi+ches” of South Korea’s Tianhou CL Li Cailin, came to Taipei to help the filming.

The New Zealand professional dance teacher Kiel choreographed with Jolin for five years, through the impact of the dance steps.

Emotions and dancers interact with the story, combining the retro elements of BREAKDOWN and the dance of modern dance emotions to the fullest, with 14 elite dancers from all over the world to enjoy the body rhythm in front of the camera, a mirror of the mirror Let this “Rose Boy” dance version of the MV be like a visual feast of modern art.”

Cast: Jolin Tsai

Benjamin Cleary-Jennings|Tia Ahu Taharoa|Nathan Kara|Riley Bourne|Kiel Tutin
Todd Williamson|Carl Flavell-Trice|Jackon Tuarae|Xu Shengzhan|Chen Zhiyu
Fukuoka Swimming Child|Yan Jingrong|Weng Rui|Zhan Qianyu

Choreography by: Kiel Tutin

genres: Pop Music | Dance Music

Produced by: Razor Jiang RAZOR.Chiang

Production co: EGGO Music Productions

Arranger: Razor Jiang RAZOR.Chiang

Background Vocals: Jolin Tsai

Follow Jolin Tsai: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Record Label: Sony Music Taiwan CPOP

Licensed to YouTube by: SEM | Eternal Music Productions Company Ltd

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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