LAS VEGAS, NV — (02-13-19) — Helix Studios knows how to come for Valentine’s day with the release of V-Day starring Helix Exclusive hotties Josh Brady and Collin Adams.

Eye of perfection director Alex Roman brings you one of the most passionate, real acting and climatic finishes for your intimate Valentine’s Day celebration.

V-Day Play (2019) Collin Adams-Josh Brady-Screenshot-Helix

V-Day Play (2019) Collin Adams-Josh Brady-Screenshot-Helix

V-Day Play (2019) Collin Adams-Helix

V-Day Play (2019) Collin Adams-Helix

“It’s Valentine’s Day and Collin Adams is sulking, waiting for his workaholic man, Josh Brady to get home from the office. When Josh finally rolls in wearing the hell out of a sexy suit and tie but, empty handed, naturally Collin assumes he forgot about Valentine’s. Brady eggs Adams on a bit, teasing the twink and acting like he hasn’t a clue what day it is. Their playful chemistry is super cute; and, when Brady brings flowers in, the Valentine’s Day romance blooms with a bang!

The couple kiss then, Collin makes his way downtown to say I love you with a lusty lick job to Josh’s “heart” on. Keeping the romance going, Brady bastes his boy’s smooth body in kisses everywhere. Then, he jacks both their jocks together right there in the kitchen before lifting Collin’ smooth can up onto the center island and making a meal out of his meaty member. Horny and hungry for dessert, Brady tongue blasts his boy’s beautiful booty, spreading and massaging his smooth cheeks as he works that tongue in deep.”

I’m sure the accountants at Helix Studios corporate offices are going to be smiling after the final numbers come in for V-Day Play in both memberships and digital downloads.

V-Day Play (2019) Josh Brady -Collins-gay-porn-movie-trailer Helix Studios

Cast: Collins Adams | Josh Brady

genres: 18-25 | Bareback | Big Dicks | Blowjob | Cream Pie | Rimming | Jock on Twink


V-Day Play (2019) Collin Adams-Josh Brady-NSFW Screenshot -Helix

V-Day Play (2019) Collin Adams-Josh Brady-NSFW Screenshot -Helix

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Directed by: Alex Roman

Written by: Taylor Saracen

Screenplay by: Taylor Saracen

Producer: Casey Roman

Executive Producer: Keith Miller

Production co: Helix Studios

Distributed by: Helix Studios Direct

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: February 13, 2019

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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