WYOMING — (02-11-19) — Wyoming Senator Lynn Hutchings (R), compared homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality during a meeting with LGBTQ high school students during the Gay-Straight Alliance Civics Day at the state’s Capitol back on February 1.

Senator Hutchings disgusting and hateful opinions of homosexuality were on full display to the 10 LGBTQ students who attended the meeting.

Hutchings was meeting with high school students who wanted to speak to Hutchings about Wyoming House Bill 230, known as the “Enhancing Quality Employment Law,” which would have given protections to LGBTQ people.  Unfortunately but not surprising, House Bill 230 died with no real backing from senators.

According to a complaint submitted to Senate president Drew Perkins by Wyoming Equality, Hutchings  told the high school students:

“If my sexual orientation was to have sex with all of the men in there and I had sex with all of the women in there and then they brought their children and I had sex with all of them and then brought their dogs in and I had sex with them, should I be protected for my sexual orientation?” said Hutchings.

Students in attendance attempted to correct her opinion on homosexuality but Hutchings closed minded dark age ideology continued to interrupt students who attempted to correct her on the merits of House Bill 230.

After Senator Hutchings outrageous behavior and comments, the Wyoming Democratic party are now demanding her to resign.

Wyoming Equality Wrote in their complaint to Senate president Drew Perkins:

“As the conversation came to a close, Senator Hutchings then motioned to fist bump the students and embraced one of them. The students and teacher quickly removed themselves from the Jonah Business Center to process this interaction and provide a supportive space for one another.

After some time, they composed themselves and re-entered the Business Center to continue talking to other legislators and Wyoming Equality board and staff were made aware of the incident.

It is our understanding that while the state legislature’s anti-harassment policy mentions no protected classes, including sexual orientation and gender identity, Senator Hutchings behavior was unacceptable and inexcusable. Fourteen- and fifteen-year old high school students wishing to engage with the legislative process should not have been confronted with the comments made by Senator Hutchings.

Those students, some of which identify as LGBTQ, were deeply hurt and disturbed that they were compared to acts of beastiality and pedophilia. The students’ sentiment was exacerbated especially after Senator Hutchings hypothetically recounted the idea of sexually engaging with children then physically engaged with the students.”

One 17-year-old student told WyoFile…“I felt very angry because this is not the conversation we came to have at the Legislature. We came to talk about a bill.” said the 17 year-old student.

Another 15 year-old student said…”It was really upsetting to think that she legitimately equates who I am to people who are pedophiles or commit bestiality,” said the 15-year-old member of the Cheyenne’s Central High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance, told WyoFile.

Will Republican Senator Lynn Hutchings who represents District 5, resign?

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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