LAS VEGAS — (02-10-19) — Flawless American singer, rapper, actor, dancer, director and drag queen, Todrick Hall, scores a hit with his new production of Gay Bring It On Parody.

LGBTQ fans have already made it an instant hit with Gay Bring it On Parody nearly reaching 384,000 views in only 4 days on YouTube.

After reviewing Gay Bring It On Parody by Todrick Hall, I had to immediately plug this ‘MUST SEE’ video that you are sure to save to your favorites. In fact since the Gay Brig In On Parody was released on YouTube on Feb.5, the video has garnered nearly 384,000 views.

“Who will take home the top prize when two teams go head to head or bottom to bottom. Who knows! Check out Todricks hilarious trailer below.”

Todrick Hall posted on his Twitter page…”Rated S for SICKENING. Watch my new Gay Bring it On Parody! Tag the bottom to your pyramid!”

The Pride Cheerleading Association – PCA was thrilled about Gay Bring It On Parody production and released the following statement:

“We knew it was only a matter of time before you tipped your talented hat to our unique culture of LGBTQ Cheerleading! We face so much stigma from outside our community, and combat enough self-doubt from within, that we’ve developed a remarkable sense of humor about ourselves. We love a good laugh and a great rhyme and a cheeky pun… and a perfect tongue pop. The Pride Cheerleading Association LOVES your video! We call no tea, no shade, no shenanigans, and no microaggessions about it! It is comedic brilliance. YOU are brilliant”

I personally would love to see this turned into a sitcom comedy. It definitely would capture a huge audience among the LGBTQ community. Hint Hint studios!

Plus don’t forget to catch Todrick Hall Live at Hanover College on Friday Feb. 15.  The multi-talented performer will bring his high-energy stage show to Fitzgibbon Recital Hall as part of the Hanover Enrichment Series.

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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