HOLLYWOOD — (02-10-19) — Multi award-winning Perfect Fit Brand wants to remind you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So what better way to prove you’re serious about your lovin’ than to put a ring on it!

That’s right, put a Play Zone™ Kit cock ring from Perfect Fit Brand on and experience the pleasure your man tool or your significant other’s man tool, to celebrate the most intimate day of the year.

Play Zone Kit by Perfect Fit Brand

Play Zone Kit by Perfect Fit Brand

Plus if your loved one is new to cock rings, what better gift than the cheap, cheerful and dare I say cute, Play Zone™ Kit.  Imagine if a finger ring only came in three sizes equivalent to the circumference of a dime and a quarter and a dollar coin – how would they fit? Well until now, cock rings were sized even farther apart than this! No wonder finding a good fitting cock ring is near impossible.

Play Zone Kit By Perfect Fit Brand PR

Play Zone Kit By Perfect Fit Brand Mainstream Media Reviews

Thanks to the revolutionary new sizing system developed by Steve Callow’ Perfect Fit Brand, which offers a total of 14 Xact-Fit™ cock ring sizes where other manufacturers offer only 3 to 5 sizes in this same range,  you and your partner are sure to find your perfect size ring or rings.

Xact-Fit™ cock ring by Perfect Fit Brand PR

Xact-Fit™ cock ring by Perfect Fit Brand PR

According to Perfect Fit Brand’s President and CEO Steve Callow…”The Play Zone™ Kit includes 9 of the incrementally sized Xact-Fit™ cock rings stacked on a bright orange mini traffic cone. With so many sizes, the Play Zone Kit offers myriad ways in which to wear and enjoy ring play with a partner: wear ’em as cock rings, ball rings, shaft rings or all three and more simultaneously.

The Xact-Fit™ rings, made of plush soft touch silicone, were designed to be flexible and firm, yet velvety—no pulled pubes to ruin the moment. So, if you’re looking for something new and different for your honey, huzbear or sex buddy, this Valentine’s Day, try the Play Zone Kit by Perfect Fit Brand.”

The Play Zone™ Kit costs $39.95 and is now available at adult shops, Amazon and at the official Perfect Fit Brand website.

Retailers who haven’t stocked deep on the Xact-Fit™ cock ring kits or the Play Zone™ Kit, can contact Perfect Fit Brand at 1+855-693-9300 | International Calls  1+954-835-5632 | EMAIL | Facebook | Linkedin | Tumblr | Twitter | YouTube

Adult store merchants can also contact a Perfect Fit Brand authorized distributor for immediate ordering information; ECN | Eldorado | Williams Trading Co. | Dusedo (EU)

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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